Create a Good RV Listing: Tips and Tricks to Make Your RV More Attractive to Renters

By  //  March 13, 2022

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If you’re an RV enthusiast, you probably remember your first experience with RV camping as unforgettable – but this experience was probably in a motorhome you rented.

We know, based on personal experience, that there might have been multiple trips taken before you even considered buying a motorhome for yourself.

As such, the prospect of giving back to the community by renting out your camper is probably tempting, not to mention, potentially lucrative.

There are many platforms available online for people who want to rent out their motorhome — some come furnished with insurance policies, while others provide services like customer guidance at all hours of the day.

A good and reliable site would have checks and protections against fraud or deceit by conducting background checks and implementing good payment systems. These help ensure that your service is as smooth as possible, providing maximum security for customers and sellers alike.

However, this does not mean that potential rentees have nothing to do before they can start renting their motorhomes. You should make sure that potential renters can access as many details about your RV as possible, and give a little bit of visual flourish to sweeten the deal. As a result, we’ve decided to provide a few handy suggestions to make your motorhome rental process stand out.

Why you should rent out your RV?

Your RV is an obvious asset, but not many people know how to use it effectively. The trend of going to visit unconventional tourist spots means that mobile vehicles with their own comforts of home are increasingly in demand — so if you own an RV, you can easily monetize this asset.

Not only are they mobile, but they also offer an enormous amount of customizability — vehicles can contain a myriad of amenities that cannot be found on traditional motorhome models, including both improvised fixes to design flaws as well as personalized touches which make motorhomes truly homely. 

These motorhomes can also be a more intimate and reliable way of touring the countryside, as dealing with individual owners can be a lot more convenient than impersonal phone hotlines. In today’s digitalized environment, being able to connect with potential rentees is a huge bonus.

Finally, these motorhomes can obviously provide a sustainable source of income, particularly for those who own in-demand models like Casita and Airstream. Renters may also prioritize more lived-in, exotic, and comfortable models for their usage.

How can I show off my RV?

While having a well-furnished and well-maintained RV is obviously a necessity, RV rental needs to be showcased using good visuals as well. The blunt truth is that words are insufficient to fully showcase what your RV has to offer — photos can sidestep this problem by giving audiences a good overview of what they should expect, as well as the specifics of how well maintained your motorhome is and what it can offer.

We encourage owners to showcase the inner and outer furnishings of their vehicles using photos. These photos should show off the parts of your vehicle that are meant to be lived in, as well as the key selling points for potential renters. Remember to keep your photos well organized and neat! In addition, remember that renters will not be happy with inaccurate photos — this could affect the positive reputation of your listing as well as the willingness of potential renters to follow through with their rentals.

If you are worried about the quality of your photograph, let’s go through a few details on how to spice up your photography to make sure you fully capture the beauty of your motorhome!

How To: Take Good Photographs

Firstly, consider how you can spice up the core visuals on your rigs. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your furnishings or even installing simple add-ons to your walls can make your mobile home look fresh and appealing. These materials, if paired well with the right technique, can make your home stand out all the more.

Next, the quality of the photo depends on the lighting. Make sure to use sunlight as your main reference point – using overly bright tones will give your RV a faded aesthetic tone and a depressing look while using overly dim tones will reduce visibility for your RV’s key features.

Sunlight and cabin lighting can give your RV a proper look and if they are insufficient, users can work with camera lighting to brighten up your photographs. 

In addition, consider how you can use a backdrop as a tool to create a sense of atmosphere. Even the most basic of furniture – like blankets, arranged chairs, or even the texture of curtains – can give renters a taste of comfort and make your listing more appealing as a genuine getaway from modern life.

Finally, do consider the role of camera technology. Mobile phone cameras are generally adequate in terms of pixellating and quality, but consider editing and filtering them before release so you can make them as high-quality as your RV deserves. This is a good way to secure customer trust and appreciation in advance!

How To: Write Good Listings

Another important aspect to make your RV listing stand out would be the copywriting in the description and header. Be very clear about your goals of writing: what details do you want to convey to your prospective buyer? Think about what kind of questions you would pose if you were in their shoes, and provide the details that will help sweeten the deal.

When listing your RV, you should write a paragraph or two, as long as you can ensure that these details are settled and that audiences know exactly what they’re in for.

Use a basic framework of needs and wants — for instance, common needs are typically based on the capacity, the arrangements, and the weight of your vehicle, as well as a basic overview of the amenities you can offer. You should also include the mileage of the RV, and other details that are not visible in the photos. 

The customer’s wants are based on the extras that can benefit their usage of your motorhome. This includes the navigation systems of the vehicle and the additional tools you can provide for transport and cooking. These can help your vehicle stand out against other near-identical models, and can also help customers with specific wants find your vehicle more easily.

Finally, be careful with your headline and precise with your vocabulary. Highlight one or two details about your vehicle, but do not clutter it with useless details. This is an exercise in judgment and we will leave it to readers to determine how best to sell their vehicle in a single line. 


We hope that this article comes in helpful when listing your first RV. With good copywriting and beautiful photos, all you need to do next is sit back and watch the cash flow in!