Explosions Rock Western Ukraine City of Lviv, President Biden Delivers Remarks

By  //  March 26, 2022

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President Biden visits Ukrainian refugees 240 miles away in Warsaw

ABOVE VIDEO: President Biden delivers remarks on efforts to support the people of Ukraine.

(FOX NEWS) – Smoke billowed over the city of Lviv in western Ukraine Saturday after multiple explosions were heard near an oil depot.

Sirens began sounding moments before three explosions were heard and then smoke could be seen rising over the city, Fox News’ Brett Velicovich described.

The exact target of the attacks remains unclear, but the strikes come as President Biden visits Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Poland just over 240 miles from Lviv.

“They either hit like an ammo depot or some sort of some oil thing,” Velicovich said. “And I don’t know, I’m just I’m assuming, it’s a message to Biden because it’s a clear escalation. They haven’t been really striking, Lviv, they just haven’t.”

Russian forces hit the western city for the first time since the invasion began more than four weeks ago on March 18 when an aircraft repair plant was hit outside the Lviv airport – roughly four miles from the city center.