Game, Set, Morph: How The Metaverse Will Completely Alter An Industry

By  //  March 14, 2022

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Mark Zuckerberg looks to strike gold once again. The metaverse, the 3D virtual world that can be inhabited by those wearing a compatible VR device, promises to connect people all over the world. With this technology, users can inhabit a digital space together in a way we have never seen before.

Haptic suits and headsets are used to feel, see and hear everything, and some setups use foot tracking technology to allow the players freedom of movement. 

The world will be affected by this technology, but, arguably, nothing more so than the gaming industry. 

As multiplayer games continue to grow in popularity with the likes of Apex Legends, online poker, and World of Warcraft grabbing people in droves, this technology will help propel all of them to new heights. 

“Suiting up for Ready Player One tonight with Proprio” by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Let’s look first at online poker, something that’s available to everyone and known the world over. We can take that well-established game and improve on it in many ways. Firstly, because live USA casinos are now legal, we can take those and place all of them on the Metaverse.

Digital doors will open all across the country and anybody can step inside. Not only that, but users can enjoy taking part from their basement, living room, or kitchen. It’s one thing to access a website from anywhere in the world, but when players can digitally walk in, sit down at a table, and gamble with others, the experience will completely change. 

Apex Legends has been heavily praised for not only its engaging online and intricate matchmaking, but also for the slick movement that does not typically define most shooters. With a big enough leap in technology, we could see this transition directly to virtual reality controls. With that, developers could take one of the game’s biggest strengths and use it to build the foundation for a virtual reality experience that will get players more active. 

This could have a similar effect to something like Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure where people are paying not only for a video game but also for a workout.

While there is already a wide variety of fitness games to choose from, adding a title as big as Apex Legends could be huge for gamer fitness junkies and shooter fans alike. Developers Respawn Entertainment would just have to separate VR players from other users in matchmaking. 

“Firewall Zero Hour PS4 Exclusive” by BuyGames is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Finally, we reach World of Warcraft. A game this big needs no introduction, as it was a juggernaut throughout the 2000s. Blizzard has since been acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $68.7, shocking the internet. Disbelief aside, Microsoft could take World of Warcraft in a new direction and bring VR to the veteran MMO. With combat, guild meetings, and markets all generated in VR, players could finally inhabit Azaroth.

They can finally be their character. This could take the immersion to a whole new level and revitalize the game in a huge way. This would, again, give gamers the option to turn their gaming experience into a pseudo-workout. 

Despite all of what could happen, we hope VR comes along and adds depth to the gaming world rather than just adding more peripherals that players need to buy. If developers look at this as a chance to evolve the industry as opposed to just another way to make profit, we could see a new generation of entertainment more immersive than ever before.