How Does Contrave Work for Weight Loss?

By  //  March 18, 2022

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Contrave is a weight loss drug that was approved by the FDA in 2014. 

It comes in the form of tablets that you consume orally through your mouth.

The drug helps obese and overweight adults manage their weight loss strategy effectively.

However, Contrave works effectively for individuals with a BMI of 30 and above (obese) and those with a BMI of 27 and above (overweight).

Individuals with the following conditions can also use it:


High blood pressure

High cholesterol

In this article, we have answered the frequently asked questions about the effectiveness of Contrave in weight loss management.

Let’s dive in.

How Does Contrave Work?

Scientists claim that Contrave works effectively by stimulating the brain to control your appetite, energy, and temperature.

It works by controlling your hunger and appetite, allowing your body to lose weight as per your weight management program.

However, you should supplement your weight-loss program with moderate exercises to gain positive results with Contrave.

Individuals who maintain a moderate and consistent workout routine lose weight faster than those who don’t.

Therefore, ensure that you do moderate workouts so that Contrave can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Lastly, take a healthy diet so that Contrave can work for you effectively.

Effectiveness of Contrave

When Contrave (Naltrexone/Bupropion) is combined with exercise and a healthy diet, it yields excellent results.

Most users say that Contrave has helped them overcome their addictions, for instance, food and other cravings.

However, the results may vary from one individual to another.

If you want the medicines to work for you, maintain a strict but healthy diet. Also, remember to do regular but mild exercises.

Dosage for Contrave

The dosage for Contrave depends on several factors depending on your doctor’s examination.

You should go for a full-body screening so that your doctor can be able to recommend an accurate and effective dosage to you.

However, the dosage you will take dramatically depends on the following elements:

Underlying medical conditions

The type and seriousness of your condition

Other medications you are taking

Usually, Contravene is taken in low doses, and your doctor will increase the dosage gradually.

So, if you are a beginner to Contravene, consult your doctor for the best medication advice.

Your doctor will always recommend the best dosage based on a professional examination of your body.

Contrave Side Effects

If you want to avoid serious side effects after using Contrave, kindly read the medication guide provided by your doctor or pharmacist.

You should also take Contrave with meals that are low in fat. However, take as directed by your doctor twice daily.

One of the common precautions with Contrave is that you should not take it and sleep. The drug might affect your regular sleeping pattern.

Also, do not crush your Contrave tablets so that you can consume them. Swallow the whole tablet to avoid seizure attacks.

Here are other common side effects that you might experience after using Contrave:




Trouble sleeping

Dry mouth

Increased sweating


However, you will only experience mild symptoms that will disappear in a short moment.

If any conditions persist, kindly contact your doctor or pharmacist for quick assistance.

Do not be quick to make decisions that the drug is not effective. Your doctor prescribes medicine to you by having your best interests in their heart.

You should be honest with your doctor so that they can give the best medication to help you manage your weight condition.

Some severe side effects associated with Contrave include:

Severe headache

Tremor (uncontrolled movements)

Mood/mental changes

Chest pains

Irregular heartbeat

Some other severe conditions you may experience include itching eyes and mild allergic reactions. 

If you notice any of the conditions by any chance, contact your doctor.

Precautions When Using Contrave

Before you start your weight management program with Contrave, there are various conditions to tell your doctor about.

Some of these conditions might react with Contrave, leading to worse complications.

You can avoid such situations by informing your doctor about the following conditions:

■ Allergic reactions: Contrave has elements that might react with your body to cause allergies and other reactions.

■ Medical history: Tell your doctor about high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and any other mental health disorder.

Contrave is also not recommended for use during pregnancy.

In addition, breastfeeding mothers should avoid using Contrave since it contaminates breast milk.

Do not share your Contrave tablets with anyone. Use only as prescribed by your physician.

If you feel that an individual needs the Contrave tablets, kindly advise them first to consult a doctor.

A doctor can examine your condition and monitor your periodical progress. 

In addition, a doctor can evaluate possible side effects before they escalate in your body.

What if you miss a dose?

Missing a dose is expected due to unavoidable circumstances.

If you miss taking your Contrave tablets during your regular time, skip that day and continue with your dose the next day.

You can also install a reminder or set a consistent alarm to remind you when to take your dosage.

How long will you take Contrave?

You should continue using Contrave as long as you have recommendations from your doctor.

However, keep in mind that Contrave might not yield results to some people.

If you use it for more than four months without any significant change in your body weight, stop using it and consult the doctor.

How to get Contrave pills online

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