How to Purchase a Bitcoin?

By  //  March 24, 2022

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Bitcoin purchase is not a complicated task, but sometimes people make it very chaotic. An investor needs to look for an optimal cryptocurrency exchange and link a payment option with that exchange. Becoming a verified user on a cryptocurrency exchange is challenging as sometimes the process can consume a few hours. Here you can get detailed information on Pancakeswap.

An investor should have all the documents required to accomplish the KYC program on a centralized exchange. Undeniably, you also can make a purchase using a decentralized exchange, but experts recommend that newbies always stick with the virtual platforms in the first place. 

Key Takeaways

The market adoption characterizes the spot price of BTC as an investment asset and an exchange method. Moreover, the definite supply of bitcoin alongside the inflation rate also characterizes its spot price. 

Undeniably hacking the source code of bitcoin is almost impossible, but there are prospects that hackers can attack a cryptocurrency exchange and easily steal the bitcoin. It is why cryptocurrency experts advise performing robust storage and personal security cautions. 

Purchasing bitcoin is not merely possible with a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange as you can perform similar actions with the fintech services like PayPal and Cash app. Nowadays, e-wallet correspondingly comprises an inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange feature. Hardware wallets and e-wallets have attached user interfaces of a popular digital currency on their platform.

Bitcoin ATMs and Robin Hood stock exchange is correspondingly another way to purchase bitcoin. An individual can also invest in the stock of companies that invested a magnificent bitcoin. The stocks of companies like Microstrategy have been touching the roof lately due to this reason. 


Any task becomes easier when you break it into smaller steps. For example, the first step while buying a bitcoin is to seek a better cryptocurrency exchange; if you don’t find any optimal local exchange, you can choose an international digital currency exchange that offers services in nearly every country. Some international exchanges that are widespread are Binance Coinbase. 

If no cryptocurrency exchange excites you, then move to the other trading venues and payment services like PayPal. However, experts always make budding investors choose dedicated digital currency exchange as they have numerous trading features with advanced price charts. Moreover, a user can choose between a decentralized and centralized exchange, at first always prefer centralized exchange as they are simpler to use.        

Accomplish KYC

KYC seems to be the utmost chaotic task while purchasing bitcoin as it is a mere process that takes time to complete. Know your customer program, abbreviated as KYC, is the internal part of the validation process of a cryptocurrency exchange. KYC is mandatory in a centralized and decentralized exchange; you can directly purchase bitcoins. 

Know your customer process cannot be completed by any user without a government-approved identity. An individual has to provide a clear photograph of the government-approved identity; moreover, a centralized exchange like Binance performs facial recognition to verify the user identity. 

Such security measures lessen the prospects of scams and thefts and invade a user’s privacy. For example, recently in Japan, Binance was accused of carrying out some operations without the permission of government authorities, and higher authorities suspended the use of this exchange for a considerable period. In short, you should always read the privacy policy of a cryptocurrency exchange and monitor the legality of that platform according to your jurisdiction. 

Connect Payment

The last step is to connect the payment method before buying bitcoin. Again, it depends on whether you have to connect the payment option with the exchange after placing a buying order or before placing a buying order. 

Digital currency exchanges like Binance have a peer exchange option that enables you to communicate directly with the seller. The P2P exchange feature of Binance allows you to pay the user with any payment services or use UPI services. When the seller receives the payment, they release cryptocurrency assets in the buyer’s wallet. 

If a digital currency exchange demands you to connect payment options before buying an order, you can connect your debit card or bank account. 

The above-listed portion describes everything you need to buy bitcoin.