Internet Vikings Enters Michigan With its Official iGaming Operations Launch

By  //  March 11, 2022

Internet Vikings, a Swedish iGaming provider, officially entered the gaming market in Michigan. This step took place after the Michigan Gaming Control Board did an evaluation of the company and then issued Internet Vikings with a license to operate in Michigan.

The company already has a presence in a number of states with legalized online gambling. In July 2021 Internet Vikings entered the US market and has had ongoing expansion since this time. The company planned out its moves in the North American market and has strategically entered the markets in those states that are iGaming compliant. 

As Internet Vikings has pointed out, Michigan is one of the most important states as far as iGaming goes at this time. It is “one of the most sought-after” of all the gambling compliant states. The reason for this is that Michigan’s iGaming revenue for last year reached a gross total of $121.8 million. This was a new high for the state. Michigan’s online sportsbooks also showed a boost in month over month revenue for December 2021 at +2.3%.

Michigan is a Key iGaming State

While Internet Vikings wants a piece of the iGaming market in all thriving legal locations in the United States, the iGaming supplier specifically wants to have a presence in those states that also allow online casinos. In addition to Michigan, there are online casinos in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. 

In recent years, Internet Vikings has strategically expanded across the US, offering their services in the majority of iGaming compliant states. Going live in Michigan is a crucial move for the firm, as it continues to provide its extensive collection of custom-made iGaming hosting services.
Internet Vikings specializes in developing bespoke products and services for online gaming operators, which include those offering promotions like no deposit bonuses within various jurisdictions across the US. Its multi-product portfolio is what makes it a one-stop-shop for online gambling operators.

Elena Kvakova, the Internet Vikings Head of US Expansion, commented on the company’s entry into the Michigan market. Kvakova said: “In addition to high revenues, Michigan is one of just six states in America which specifically allow online casinos. Recognizing the state as the next important strategic step in our US expansion, after studying the relevant legislation and obtaining the required documentation since April, we worked as a team to establish our next US base.”

She further noted: “We are extremely proud to be able to support our clients in multiple locations across the US and globally. I can confirm that we will continue expanding and growing both territorially and as a company as a whole, making sure that iGaming businesses worldwide have access to reliable hosting services anywhere anytime.”

“We are thrilled to have secured our positions in yet another US territory. We consider the establishment of our operations in Michigan being a major win.” said Rickard Vikström, the Internet Vikings’ CCO and company founder.

Michigan Gaming Compliance

While some of the other iGaming states require licensing for both suppliers and operators, in Michigan, supplies do not have to hold a license to operate. However, this does not mean that there is no need for compliance. For those who wish to operate in Michigan, all the companies, online casinos or even individuals who work in the iGaming and betting industry do need to have compliance. Whatever category or size of operations, the vendors must hold a license to operate in the state.

Internet Vikings got their first Michigan client in May 2021 and applied for a vendor license the following month. After putting in the vendor license application, it took a few months before the Michigan Gaming Control Board finished evaluating the company and was ready to issue the hosting services provider with a license. 

About Internet Vikings

After acquiring experience in the US markets and building their strategy, Internet Vikings has increased its reach in the US market. In addition to its US market expansion, Internet Vikings is now also operating in Ontario, Canada. The company has plans to expand its American operations to all iGaming compliant states. 

Internet Vikings has its headquarters in Stockholm. Originally established in 2008, the company currently has active iGaming operations on five continents. The company has more than 70 employees and is an iGaming Hosting Provider. Among Internet Vikings services, it offers cloud hosting, domain name management, and marketing solutions with a specialty in online brand protection. 

With all these services available from one provider, Internet Vikings is an excellent choice for online gaming operators in the international market.