Is Performance PR Right for Your Business? Everything You Need to Know

By  //  March 30, 2022

You may be already familiar with public relations (PR), the management of how other people view and feel about your brand. But when you are ready to magnify those efforts, it is definitely time to ramp things up with performance PR.

Performance PR is an aspect of digital marketing that provides organic link acquisition from high-quality sources such as Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times, and 

This involves your business getting online content crafted with backlinks connected to the home page of your company’s website, your business blog, or internal web pages, which helps to put you in a position to have your brand associated with news forums that people rely on every single day. 

The more respected locations on the world wide web that are linked to your site, the more popularity that your website generates, making it easier for people to find in search engine searches, getting higher ranking with keywords that get used, and the ability to get indexed in Google faster for more web traffic.  

The strategy of genuine Performance PR includes the implementation of reporter outreach and influencer marketing.  

Reporter Outreach is getting your brand featured in news stories, company profiles, interviews, and expert quotes with a link directed back to your company’s homepage from trusted websites with formidable followings. 

Influencer Marketing involves micro-influencers, public figures, and celebrities getting exposed to your product or service and providing the level of co-signing that could become incredibly impactful for paid campaigns on Facebook. 

If you are looking for how to most effectively leverage your marketing budget, take the time now to determine if Performance PR is the ideal next move for your company by viewing these various ways in which it can benefit your business. 

Benefits of Influencer Marketing and Reporter Outreach

Partnering with influencers is a number one marketing strategy for many brands. These are the benefits of influencer marketing: Drive sales.

 Strengthen your backlink profile

Generate more leads

Stimulate content sharing on social media 

Increase your stature as an authority online 

When famous celebrities and public figures that you admire use particular products and services, it perks up your attention span and makes you interested in why they are in alignment with those particular brands.

Influencers on social platforms hundreds of thousands or even over a million followers on Instagram and YouTube have a fairly extensive group of people paying attention to the images and words that they post.

And people paying attention can translate into people paying for the products they see getting plugged by their favorite athletes, comedians, musicians, and news personalities. 

Strengthen Your Backlink Profile

Most blogs that allow guest posts let contributors leave at least one link that is directed to their own website. 

This makes sense because most of them won’t offer monetary compensation for writing the guest articles that they are posting.

Refrain from overdoing it by making the entire guest post sound like one big advertisement for your products.

One brief mention of the brand or a keyword-optimized link is a healthy approach to avoid annoying the readers. 

But don’t take that single backlink from an authoritative blog for granted because it can benefit the search engine optimization for your website in a major way, making your content more discoverable and indexable to search engines like Google. 

Generate More Leads

When you are using Performance PR to generate leads for your products and services, it is a fundamental step to pick the ideal websites with a steady stream of traffic to reach a wide swath of consumers connected to your niche with your successful guest blogging strategy.

Be sure to emphasize an actionable step that your audience can take after engaging with your content when developing your web page that you’re attracting traffic to. 

Stimulate Content Sharing on Social Media 

If you are looking to extend your online reach exponentially with the help of thousands of others, generating social media-friendly content that is worth being shared is the way to get there. 

The beauty of this positive result of Performance PR is that the more social media shares that your content receives, the more shareworthy that it will appear to your audience, further incentivizing them to post it among their digital flock.

Submitting a guest post to a reliable blog with obvious social media potential, such as exciting quotes, impressive statistics, and valuable advice, makes for highly repeatable captions in the Facebook and Twitter posts of your audience. 

Increase Your Stature as an Authority Online 

Ultimately, Performance PR is the right way to go for your business if you want to remain ambitious and ahead of the curve in the arena of modern online marketing, as your competition is surely doing to maintain credibility as an authority in the industry that you share. 

Along with all of that top-notch written content that you have associated with your website, in order for your brand name to stand strong and be the go-to place for your loyal paying customer and subscribers, your audience needs to perceive you as the one they can trust with their money and their time. 

Also, let’s not forget that you need to be respected enough that those that come across your company will be willing to put their name on the line and actually refer you to their family, friends, and associates. 

Contributing your useful articles to authoritative blogs gives you the opportunity to be revered as more than just a business with something to sell, but an important source of information that consumers can count on, making them more receptive to any value proposition you may present to them.