Las Vegas Will Have the Whole Moon!

By  //  March 9, 2022

Las Vegas is famous for its incredible hotels. A Canadian developer wants to build a 5 billion dollar hotel in Las Vegas that will be resembling the moon. It will be 224 meters tall and feature 4,000 rooms when completed. 

Detailed renderings of the eye-catching new Las Vegas hotel, which will be modeled after, how did you guess, the Moon look awesome. According to businesspeople who invested in the project and development want to keep costs at around $5 billion. The Moon will be the second-highest structure in Las Vegas, after the JW Marriott Hotel (350 m tall) with a height of 224 meters. 

The Lunar Hotel will become the world’s biggest spherical structure, with a diameter of 450 meters and the ability to host thousands of people. It will offer guests a true space experience that can board the Lunar Shuttle and many other Moon-related experiences.

Such a big building will have a whole range of entertainment facilities like a conference center, a theater, a concert hall, shops, and various lounges, as well as a theatre with a capacity of 5 thousand people, as well as a music hall. It probably will have one of the best clubs in las vegas.

A whole amusement park called “Enviromax” is planned with a glass pier that allows you to see a representation of diverse Earth biomes from all over the world. At the top of the building, there will be a lunar colony that is going to imitate the lunar surface accessible only through special shuttle stations or by boarding one of the lunar shuttles. 

You’ll also be able to buy a 500 dollar ticket for a 90 minute trip on the shuttles, which look similar to roller coaster vehicles, transporting you around a 4-hectare piece of land. Everything will be made to feel as you are really on the moon will all the shuttles and moon buggies.

Developers had this idea to create the “Moon” building since the early 2000ds. With the objective to create an accurate replica of the moon on a vast scale. 

The sphere will have a diameter of 198 meters and will be supported by a disk with a diameter of 259 meters. The size is magnificent. It will probably become the biggest tourist attraction in whole Las Vegas.

Despite the size, the hotel’s construction will take four years to complete. According to the project’s creators, they will make every effort to mimic the environment of the “lunar bases” as nearly as possible. The realities of life on the nearest celestial body will come true on the “Moon” project.

Many people are very skeptical about this project and the possibility of even building it. The Interesting thing is that some press reports claim that the famous Coachella place, was the initial location for this building. According to some insiders, who worked on this project twenty years ago, building such a lunar hotel was impossible and even dangerous. Nothing like this was built ever before and developers have to test everything possible to make sure everyone is going to be safe.