Long Distance Moving Tips

By  //  March 2, 2022

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Relocating long distances is a complicated task than you imagine, even with the help of professional long-distance moving companies in Boston. At every stop, you’ll worry whether your house wares are as safe as you placed them or if they will even survive the drive. That’s understandable. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips for moving long-distance that will protect your homeware. 

Moving Long Distance Tips

1. Pre-packing

The first stage of every life-changing move is the pre-packing stage. Surprisingly, it’s one of the most effortless phases of your relocation plans, even though it would require you plan every step you take. The pre-packing period will require that you: 

1.1. Plan 

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to change house, the next thing to do is plan how to go about it. Transporting your homeware is no easy task; this is why you need to plan out each step carefully. So, make sure to draw on a spreadsheet detailed information on shipping tasks you will have to complete.  

1.2. Hire a pro relocation company

Since you’ll be relocating several miles away from your current location, you need to get pro shippers to help you transport your stuff. However, Pro shippers are not easy to come by. You may have to get at least 3 free quotes from three carrier services. It will help you compare the price of each shipper to know which seems trustworthy and also pick one that best favors your budget. 

1.3. Renew key documents

You wouldn’t want to move house with an outdated driver’s license and IDs. Try to enquire about the legal documents you may need in the news state or country to avoid awkwardness with law enforcers. 

Also, documents update will mean changing your contact and address on essential files and with your services providers like your bank, insurance, healthcare, utility, and connectivity providers. Your address is linked to various documents and places than you think. 

2. Packing

Now that you’re done with the pre-packing phase, you need to start thinking about arranging your belongings to transport them easily. Usually, this is the most complex stage for a transition. We’ve outlined some long-distance moving tips for a smoother a packaging stage. 

2.1. Prioritize your essentials

As you start wrapping up your household wares, make sure to prioritize all you’ll need for the first few days of getting to your new place. Some essentials you may need include:

 First aid box


Change of clothes






Toothbrush and many others

All these items will make the first few days of staying in your home as comfortable as your old place. 

2.2. Carefully pack boxes for long trips.

People usually forget that boxes are as fragile as home equipment and can easily tear, especially when relocating long-distance. It would help if you packed your boxes so they won’t quickly wear off during the trip. Plus, packing your box wrongly will make it difficult for shippers to carry and lift the box. 

2.3.  Arrange your items in order

Unpacking will be difficult when you mix things from different rooms in one box. Instead, move from room to room. Alternatively, packaging cartons by area will make unloading your wares much easier. When you load each item in the box, make sure to label, mark or number them and create a catalog to help you identify the contents of each box. 

2.4. Use the name labeling method

When you hire shipping experts, the chances are that they would pack your stuff with the belongings of others in the truck. To get your items to their destination safely, make sure to write your initials on each box. This way, you won’t worry about losing any box holding your valuable possessions. 

2.5. If possible, save money

No doubt, transportation and labor will cost you a lot. Add that you may have to purchase packaging materials, and the cost increases. For this reason, you may want to save where you can if you have the means to do so. To achieve this, you need to get creative. Ask friends and family for help with wrapping your load, hire a truck yourself that uses carriers’ trucking services, get free packing supplies from the grocery store, use containers, suitcases, and trash bags to pack your wares, and purge your closet.  

3. Move

Like packing, the actual move is absolutely stressful. From loading the boxes in the truck to the long hours on the road, you might even want to change your mind about changing house. But, keep calm. We’ve got some helpful move tips to get you on the road. 

3.1. Avoid the peak season

Winter, spring, and autumn are those free months shippers’ schedules are free. Why? They’re the seasons almost everyone has something to do, and the weather isn’t that favorable. People love the warm climate of the summer and tend to hire carrier services at this time. This makes shipping costs in summer twice as expensive than other months. Relocating during the off-season will save you more money than you know. 

3.2. Check your inventory list to avoid the last-minute rush 

You’ll have so much to do and might miss simple yet essential details. Get your inventory list and make sure to double-check the house before the road trip to avoid a last-minute rush or missing out and forgetting critical items. 

3.3. Tip your shippers

When you get to your destination, the last thing you want to do is tipping movers. This act shows your appreciation for their services, and you never know, when you need their services again, you might be in luck because of your kind gesture. 


Relocating long-distance will never feel stressful when you carefully plan out your steps from the packing stage to the move-out. When it even comes to finding reputable shippers like Starkmovers, a relocation company that transports and protects your priceless possessions, the task will become much easier than expected.