Make it Easy to Obtain a Bike

By  //  March 22, 2022

Two-wheelers are the backbone of the Indian automotive industry, since they account for a significant portion of employment and manufacturing in the country.

Having a two-wheeler makes life easier for common folks and fascinating for aficionados, whether you’re going on a long-distance vacation to one of your favourite destinations in the highlands or maneuvering through heavy traffic on your daily commute to work and home.

Despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country’s economy, the two-wheeler industry continues to thrive. Small business owners, office workers, and young enthusiasts are all choosing for two-wheelers, and the numbers are steadily rising.

Things to keep in mind before buying bike

 Choose a bike that can provide you with good mileage & performance for an extended period of time. Indian manufacturers are significantly superior to those in other countries. Hero MotoCorp is a viable option.

Make no comparisons to other. A 300cc bike might be too much for you, but a 1000cc rider would have no trouble, and vice versa. Recognize your abilities and potential.

Choose a manufacturer that offers service in your city or near your location. Getting your bike serviced 50 kilometres away could be inconvenient. You might find yourself putting off servicing.

Experiment with fundamental functionality only after you’ve determined how it will influence your bike.

There are three different riding positions to choose from. Find the one that is right for you and get a bike that offers that position before you buy. 

1. Cruisers

Cruisers are typically larger motorcycles. Your feet are out in front of your torso, as if you’re sitting in a chair. With a small lean, your body is virtually upright. Your handlebars are barely above the level of your waist. These bikes are pleasant for a long ride, but because you can’t use your legs as much to absorb road stress, they can be extremely uncomfortable on terrible roads or if the bike’s rear suspension isn’t very supportive.

2. Standard/touring

Your upper body is similar to that of a cruiser, but your feet are closer to your spine, allowing you to raise up and utilise your legs to absorb some of the stress when driving over rough roads. These motorcycles are often taller than cruisers. This type of bike is almost required for long travels on tough roads.

3. Sportbikes

 These are motorcycles that are made to seem like racing motorcycles, and some of them are actually racing motorcycles. On a touring bike, your legs are more flexed, you lean forward to lessen wind resistance, and you stretch out and down.

Driver input on these bikes can be quite sensitive; a quick twitch can send you into the ditch. On a long ride, they can be rather taxing because your back is arched and your hands are out in front of you.


Bike riding is the latest obsession, especially among young people. It is a symbol of flair, independence, and movement. It offers you a different sense on the roadways when you ride a bike. Due to its compact and manageable size, minimal maintenance, and price, most people prefer two wheelers. If you are looking for a bike, you can go for the best-selling bikes in India.