North Carolina’s Conservative Stance Towards Gambling

By  //  March 29, 2022

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Gambling is an industry that has continued to enjoy a meteoric rise across the United States in recent years, with a number of regions deciding to relax previous restrictions that were in place and permit certain activities.

However, North Carolina certainly is not one of those states to have followed suit, as they continue to be rather conservative when it comes down to their stance regarding the industry. Despite it being argued that the state could benefit and compete with locations on the east coast such as Florida and Atlantic City, it seems highly unlikely that any movement will be made regarding their position.

State of gambling in North Carolina

Indeed, gambling is not completely outlawed within its borders, as there are Tribal Casinos that are owned by the Cherokee Nation, whilst charitable gambling and lotteries are permitted, too. Nonetheless, it would be difficult to see a change towards the casino industry.

According to certain terms, the following reasons are likely to help suggest that a change is unlikely to happen:

 The offering of casino-style gambling would violate the Tribal Compact if within the Cherokee’s exclusivity zone.

As mentioned, North Carolina is a highly conservative state regarding gambling.

The Cherokee would be unable to provide more options as it would be out of their jurisdiction.

Crypto casinos can be used

Of course, this does seem to have had an impact on the use of online casino gaming, as well, as there are no legalized or regulated forms of it in the state. However, it seems residents of North Carolina can actively participate in this form of wagering without consequence as there is no evidence to suggest that any criminal proceedings have ever been taken against them.

Nonetheless, those that are concerned about potentially becoming the first to feel the wrath of the law would perhaps be pleased to know that there are ways around it. Crypto casinos are on the rise due to the numerous benefits that gambling with cryptocurrency can provide, including security protections and anonymity, thus allowing bettors to enjoy their favorite crypto blackjack titles and other casino classics without fear of being prosecuted.

Indeed, a crypto casino can help to keep a player’s identity secure and anonymous as they require fewer details compared to traditional fiat casinos, whilst the use of the blockchain technology means players can also enjoy numerous other benefits that can make them feel more comfortable than using the unregulated and unlicensed options that would exist in the state.

Players who use crypto will be able to see each transaction and will know that it is transparent, thus allowing them to feel safer, whilst they can also make cross-border transactions without having to use a financial institution such as a bank due to the decentralized nature that it provides.

Another benefit of using a crypto casino is the introduction of provably fair games. These games can help to provide players with a sense of security, too, as they will be able to check how random the games are and know that the operator that is being used is not defrauding them.

Land-based casinos

As mentioned previously, there are land-based casinos in the state of North Carolina, with these being owned by the Cherokee. There are, in fact, only two establishments, and both of these have been branded as Harrah’s casinos.

According to the compact, there does not appear to be any restrictions on the addition of new venues in the future, although they must remain within the Tribal exclusivity zone.

One of the casinos is located in Cherokee, whilst the other is located in Murphy, with both providing gamblers with an array of different games to enjoy in a huge space.

It is clear to see that North Carolina has a pretty conservative stance on gambling, however there are options available to players within the state if they wish to participate in certain activities. They can either opt to go to one of the two land-based casinos, or they can use a crypto casino and enjoy all the benefits that they provide!