Real-World Experience at Freemote’s Coding Bootcamp Gets People Hired Quickly

By  //  March 10, 2022

Coding is one of the fastest-growing tech jobs in today’s market. While many people feel intimidated by this career, it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. Through his previous experience as an Uber software engineer, Aaron Jack has developed a uniquely effective bootcamp enabling people with zero experience in coding to apply for their first freelance and full-time jobs in just a few weeks.

Freemote coding bootcamp provides real-world experience

So many people dream of working in-house as software developers for established companies or snapping up high-paying freelance coding jobs and working on their own schedules. How do students have a chance at these jobs without established portfolios? At Freemote, Jack and his staff have organized a program that gives students the real on-the-job experience they need to be hire-ready by the program’s end. During this one-of-a-kind coding bootcamp, students take on projects, learn on the job, and are assisted by professional coaches and developers during the entire process.

This innovative coding bootcamp packs the information aspiring software developers need into a streamlined curriculum. All the training and information necessary to acquire a career in a highly-marketable coding niche can be accessed in seven weeks. By taking on real-world projects under the guidance of talented mentors, Freemote students have the experience they need to enter the job market with confidence in under two months.

During Freemote’s bootcamp, Students are mentored to complete real-world freelance projects they apply for in the actual job market. In a short time, this experience enables them to confidently apply for freelance and full-time software development jobs on their own.

The real-world projects students accomplish at Freemote’s coding bootcamp are head and shoulders above the cookie-cutter projects students turn out at other bootcamps. Which looks more impressive to a future employer–a real e-commerce store pulling in $10,000 each month or a fake calendar app? Which project would be more likely to land a job at an interview–a real website’s performance improved by a two percent conversion rate or a YouTube clone no one has ever used?

By leaving bootcamp with real-world projects under their belts, Freemote students enter the job market with a leg up on all the other bootcamp graduates. They can apply for their first solo jobs on equal footing with developers already freelancing in the industry.

Freemote’s coding bootcamp offers projects that pay

Starting new ventures can be overwhelming and costly. One of those costs is the time spent learning the new trade. During this time, students are not getting paid. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Many people take out loans, spend money they don’t have, and can’t plan on earning back until the end of their education.

Freemote’s bootcamp can actually be described as a “learn as you earn” course. Students who enroll in this program take on real clients and apply for real freelance projects before they even finish.

Freemote’s mentors guide students through the coding bootcamp

Mentors assist Freemote students as they accomplish their real-world projects. Students and mentors look for real work on freelancing websites and complete the jobs together.

Freemote’s experienced mentors offer support and feedback. They personally help students gain success on every project during the bootcamp. Thanks to the time and dedication of Freemote’s mentors, real-world projects are possible even for students who enroll with absolutely no coding experience.

The transition into a new career can be daunting, but Freemote’s mentors offer support and guidance with each project students tackle. In addition to assistance from qualified mentors, students can contact any of Freemote’s experienced professors for help every step of the way.

Most people considering a coding career think they need an entire year or even more to learn every aspect of software development. According to Jack, this method takes too long and is too broad. By trying to learn everything, people take in loads of information but don’t have the chance to apply any of their new skills. At the end of a year, they have inevitably forgotten most of what they learned. Freemote’s training, on the other hand, offers highly focused information in a specific niche with real-world application. 

For people eager to leave the nine-to-five workplace and give freelance work a try, Freemote is here to ensure a smooth and quick transition. This coding bootcamp accelerates learning by providing students the chance to apply the information they learn during real-world projects. By training students with real projects, Freemote clears the path from zero experience to a freelance software developer in just a few weeks.