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By  //  March 17, 2022

Smoke Shop Delivery by

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How to Get Smoke Shop Delivery

For those looking to get their favorite tobacco and vape products without having to run out to the nearest store, especially with gas prices as unpredictable as they are today, we’ve got good news: you can get smoke shop delivery right to your home almost anywhere in California these days!

Many vape users get frustrated when they’re trying to find their favorite disposables or pod systems in a store near them.

How many times have you headed out to the nearest store just to find that they’re out of your favorite brand, or don’t have the juice flavor you prefer, or are flat out closed for the day? No one wants to stop at three or four different shops around their city or drive miles out of their way just to smoke their favorite brand.

Enter a smoke shop delivery service to solve all your problems.

The New Smoke Shop Delivery Service That Works For You

With fast and efficient smoke shop delivery from services like TGR-NOW, vape users can refill at almost any time without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

All you have to do to place an order is log online to the TGR website , select your favorite items to add them to your cart, and then call up the store. Customer service is available from 9 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week, so you can almost always find someone to take your order.

This particular delivery service has a huge selection of items available, so if it’s your first time online, view the choices carefully as there might be new products you could be interested in trying. Complete payment via credit card or several other methods on the phone. As of now, due to statewide and nationwide laws regarding tobacco and vape sales, payment for orders cannot be completed online.

Customer Service is TGR’s Top Priority

TGR’s customer service reps add customers to their database to make future orders easier to process and complete. This particular delivery service also uses a unique inventory system so they can keep their shelves stocked with top-selling, popular brands. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and no one wants customers to find their favorite brands or disposable devices out of stock.

In addition to taking your order, most of the staff at TGR has been working in the vape industry for years. They love to help first-time vapers or those looking to try a more advanced system navigate their way through all available products.

For example, for users who want to try nicotine-based products, a salt nic vape, or kratom for the first time, customer reps can talk you through the best selections for the experience you want. Those who deal with more complex pod systems have nothing to worry about: coils, atomizers, and other replaceable parts and pods are sold in the store, so all your vaping needs can be serviced here.

With a knowledgeable representative guiding you through your purchase, you have the best information available to you before you make your final selection and complete the sale.

Speedy Service and Vape Delivery

When it comes to processing times for vape delivery and tobacco delivery, TGR is a leader in its industry, even guaranteeing same day delivery for customers within Los Angeles who order early enough in the day. Customer service staff pride themselves on overdelivering regarding shipping times, and customers frequently receive their orders even before the estimated arrival times.

What if a customer is dissatisfied after they place their order or change their minds?

This rarely happens thanks to the help of customer service reps that guide people get the exact products they need. However, once in a while returns might be desired or necessary. Customers who change their mind on any item after ordering them can return them promptly for store credit, according to TGR’s refund policy, as long as the items are unopened and not damaged.

It’s 2022: time to stop running to the store for vapes and switch to an at-home delivery service to make your life and day easier. Check out TGR’s online smoke shop and streamline your vape purchasing today.