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By  //  March 24, 2022

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Earlier this month, the platforms of and merged, and the website was re-launched. Both now jointly continue under the name Via, you will receive free cashback in bitcoin at more than 10,000 web stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

The merger between the platforms of and is complete. Both platforms focused on offering free bitcoin cash backs and decided to join forces last year. As a result, the website was re-launched earlier this month. Therefore, the brand name will expire, and both services will collaborate under the name

Bitcoin Cashback

The service remains the same: you will receive a small percentage of the amount back in bitcoin for free when you purchase from affiliated online stores. It is a kind of discount but in a different way. More than 10,000 affiliated web stores are now available, including several large and popular ones.

The percentage of cashback usually varies between 1% and 4%. It won’t make you rich, but if you occasionally make online purchases, it’s a fun way to stack some extra satoshis carefree. you can check

You don’t have to do much to sign up for the cashback. An account only requires an email address, and after installing the browser extension, Satsback automatically notifies you when a website offers cashback. After that, you only have to activate the cashback via the button. If you already had an account with Stekking or Satsback, it has been transferred automatically, and you do not need to create a new account.

Withdrawals via Lightning

Cash backs save in your account until you withdraw them to your wallet. You can withdraw money anytime. And also, there is no limitation. To make a withdrawal, scan a QR code on the screen with a bitcoin wallet that supports Lightning ( LNURL-pay ) transactions, such as BlueWallet or Breez. We recommend that you use both and experiment with them, as costs might be different each time.

In our experience, the cashback through usually works fine. However, the link between an online store and Satsback fails, and the cashback is lost in some cases. That seems to depend mainly on the browser used and other factors such as a VPN.

New Bill to Protect Bitcoin Possession

In the United States, Congresswoman Warren Davidson introduced the “Keep Your Coins” bill. The bill is intended to protect bitcoin owners against far-reaching government intervention. The bill thus appears to respond to the present circumstances in Canada. Or is the congressman cleverly using the momentum for political gain?

The bill was introduced last Tuesday. It comes a day after the Canadian government announced its intention to enact a previously unused emergency law. The so-called Emergencies Act aims to end blockages from opponents of the corona policy by giving banks the power to freeze bank accounts and block transactions (including bitcoin and crypto) without a court order.

The name of the “Keep Your Coins” bill is a cynical pun on the “Know-Your-Customer” obligation for bitcoin companies. It is also known in the Netherlands as the “know-your-customer” rule. These rules dictate that bitcoin companies must obtain crucial facts regarding their customers.

If passed, nobody will prohibit US citizens from using bitcoin or crypto for their purposes, such as buying real or virtual goods and services. In addition, authorities can impose no ban on non-custodial wallets. The bitcoin in your wallet is under your control and is yours because only you have the seed phrase that provides access to the wallet.

Congresswoman Warren Davidson has long been a proponent of Bitcoin, especially keeping it in-house. In the interview, the congresswoman says the bill’s text was written after it became known that Janet Yellen, secretary of the Treasury in the Biden cabinet, wanted to impose restrictions on non-custodial wallets. They could likely move crypto into an account-based banking system as they cannot stop bitcoin and other cryptos.

It’s uncertain how much backing Warren Davidson’s bill will get. Since few congressmen favor bitcoin and crypto and non-custodial wallets seem to be meeting stiff opposition, it will be quite a job for the congressman to get the “Keep Your Coins” bill through Congress. Nevertheless, the congressman is too happy to use the current momentum to protect bitcoin holdings.