The 5 Best Sports Bets for Spring

By  //  March 23, 2022

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Sports betting is a complex industry that has become a hobby and passion to many. The trick is knowing how to make sure you are placing the best bets. 

Read on to discover what it takes and how to make the five best sports bets this spring. 

Sports Betting

Originating in ancient Rome, sports betting climbed to full-fledged popularity in the United States by slowly becoming a beloved way to make watching games a little more interesting. If this is something that interests you, you are in the right place. However, it is not as easy as looking up the best bets and going for it. There are a few things you need to know before placing any bets.

Bets You Can Place

Before betting, you need to know what kind of bets you can place. Understanding a few basics will take you about half of the way to becoming a bettor to fear. While there are plenty of varying bets, there are only three basic ones. These are point spread, moneyline, and over/under. 

Point Spread 

Point spread is possibly the most popular bet you will come across. Most of the time, teams are not evenly matched when they go up against each other. For instance, if the Patriots and the Browns face-off, you will probably have a good idea of who will win the game. Whatever the case may be, the sportsbook will set a point spread between the teams to even the odds. 

So, how do you win a bet on a point spread? Say you bet on the team that is favored to win. They not only have to win the game, but they also have to win the game by the point spread. So, if the spread is 12 and they only win by 10, you will be out of some money. 


Moneyline is similar to point spread in that it evens the odds a bit, but it is much simpler. Placing a moneyline bet is simply placing a bet on who you think will win or lose the game. The only catch is that because the odds are tilted to make it even, you may not want to bet on the team that will likely. 


Over/under, or totals, take a totally different approach to sports betting. Instead of focusing on who wins or the number of points they win by, it only focuses on the total number of points accrued by both teams throughout the game. Say you want to bet on the total of an NBA game. The sportsbook will set a number like O121. You must then determine if you think the actual score will be over or under that set amount. 

A quick tip for over/under betting. Study past games between the two teams and use that as a determining factor for your decision. Be sure to pay close attention to how their defensive and offensive teams have changed since those games. 

The Teams You Want to Bet On

Once you have familiarized yourself with the above bets, it is time to learn about the teams. At first, you should stick to one sport and even one team. Doing this will allow you to quickly gain as much knowledge as you can about the game, team, statistics, players, etc. 

A critical factor in sports betting is your knowledge of the teams in question. You can not study them enough. Once you have mastered one team, move on to another. Eventually, you will know all of them like the back of your hand and can then move on to another sport if you wish. 

Purchasing Picks 

It can take a long time to develop the knowledge and experience required to confidently make the best bets. If you want to start placing bets today and want your odds to be good, you should consider purchasing professional picks. Many people who have made a full-time career out of sports betting sell their picks online for a reasonable price. Going this route is always a great option to gain experience and start betting while you learn. 

The 5 Best Sports Bets for Spring 

Now it is time for the topic of the hour. Here are the 5 best sports bets of this spring. 

1. Over/Under for NCAA Basketball: Placing an over/under bet on the NCAAB tournament is a great choice for your first bet. 

2. Point Spread for NBA: Many love a good point spread bet, and what better choice than to start with an in-season NBA game.

3. Moneyline for NHL: Do you like hockey? Hockey is a great sport for placing moneyline bets. 

4. Point Spread for NCAA Basketball: If you placed the over/under bet and still want to do more. Point spread for college basketball is a great move. 

5. Point Spread for NHL: Last but not least, point spread for the NHL. You really can’t go wrong with betting the spread on any sport. 

The Bottom Line

It takes knowledge and experience to be a successful sports bettor, so work hard and learn the industry. In the meantime, you can place the best bets by purchasing picks and learning how the professionals do it. Best of luck to you!