Tonby Robbins: Professional Freelancer in London

By  //  March 15, 2022

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Tonby is a freelance professional consultant based in Londo, London | A student of the Open University and has been working as an expert on various projects ever since graduating from college with experience ranging from business to IT development to data analytics and digital transformation initiatives.

He started his career as part of the B2B Data Analytics team managing some 3-4 million records for a global client base. He had worked also at Amazon where he was responsible for implementing strategies such as AWS Services Platform, Customer Engagement and Customer Acquisition at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“The main reason I joined Google Cloud was to find out how easy it would be to deploy and scale cloud applications with no coding required. It was not only time saving but it eliminated my previous need for building my own apps on Linux-based systems.

Since joining Google Cloud, I have seen so many more opportunities for both the tech community and SMEs to gain valuable insight into cloud solutions. I am particularly excited about taking advantage of AI technology to solve some of our biggest challenges and helping companies create great customer experiences by making their operations data visual.”

– Tonby Robbins

You can read more about Tonby Robbins at

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Hi Folks — my name is Vinod Chopra and I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Applied Science at Imperial College London. On LinkedIn, you may notice that I have published one story which talks about “Google Cloud Computing: The Roadmap to All Digital Transformation” and another one called “A New Era of Work — Transforming Jobs & Markets through Automation & Robotics”. You can check them out by following me:

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