Top 5 Metalworking Tools For Your Warehouse

By  //  March 25, 2022

Metalworking is a precise occupation. Every cut, hole, and bend location is pivotal to the product, and recutting typically leads to costly waste. Therefore, the tools professionals use are critical to their overall success and efficiency. 

There are several first choice products to consider when stocking up a metalworking warehouse. While some are more important than others, no shop can do without the top five tool needs.

1. Safety First With Protective Gear

Before you can begin any metalworking project, you must purchase personal protective equipment. Every manufacturing or industrial profession requires different PPE. For metalworking, you will need a durable pair of safety glasses or goggles. Manufacturing and metalworking have a higher rate of eye injuries than other professions.

You will also need a heavy-duty pair of gloves. Metal pieces are not known for their dull edges. Without proper protection, workers will expose themselves to a greater risk of lacerations.

Finally, you will want to avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing. While long sleeves and pants are recommended, the clothing should fit close to the body. Metalworkers use milling machines and lathes, which include high-velocity spindles. Loose-fitting clothing can become entangled in these machines, causing injury.

2. Turning Inserts & Toolholders

Toolholders and tool inserts are essential elements in machining. Items like the Fix8, allow for precision cutting and powerful clamping even against vibrations and large cutting forces. The tool holders and inserts are pivotal metalworking components that require precision cutting and control. Toolholders and inserts help metalworkers eliminate inaccuracies and ultimately improve finish quality.

3. Stator Bore Tool

A stator bore tool is used to true and enlarge a previously cored or drilled hole. The device is a type of single-point lathe, and there are specific types of stator bore tools for various operations. For instance, the RIQ Reamer is a stator bore tool designed specifically for machining e-motor housings. The device can machine three large diameters in one operation, saving auto manufacturers time and money.

4. Bandsaws

A metal bandsaw is either vertical or horizontal. A vertical bandsaw allows the user to make sophisticated shapes and lines. The tools typically use brush-wheels to guarantee clean teeth for accurate cutting. Vertical options are primarily used for contour cutting, filing, and polishing.

Horizontal bandsaws are not as versatile as vertical bandsaws, but they serve a purpose. These saws are primarily used for cutting metal stock to length.

5. Drill Press

A drill press is an essential metalworking tool. While an individual can make do with a hand drill and tremendous patience, a commercial operation will require the precision of a press. A press also makes tapping easier and eliminates the risk of locked-up bits. Additionally, you will consistently achieve the correct drilling capacity with a press.

Metalwork requires precision and safety. While there are many tools you will need for work, focusing on the above five provide a good starting point for your warehouse. If you want more information or tool suggestions, consider contacting a metalworking professional or local industry leader.