Travelers at Orlando International Airport Left Stranded After Massive Flight Cancellations

By  //  March 13, 2022

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ABOVE VIDEO: Flight cancellations cause hundreds of airline passengers to be stranded at the airport.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (FOX 35) – Travelers say long lines and frayed nerves led to some tense moments at the Orlando International Airport ticket counters. “I think they were trying to do their best. Some people were starting to cut in line and then it started to get some yelling going on,” said Mary Kueger, visiting from Milwaukee.

Orlando Police and airport security had to patrol the line to keep an eye on things. Many passengers say this comes after a sleepless night trying to find their way back home. “They’ve been in line since almost four in the morning trying to get some answers, trying to get us a flight out. Looks like we can’t get out of here till maybe Tuesday!” said Amy Shaw, who was visiting from Milwaukee.

A Delta representative tells us the red on the board stemmed from bad weather that hit the US Saturday, including Florida, and was still causing trouble with people’s flights.

Orlando International Airport itself tweeted out a warning yesterday, saying bad weather could affect flights. That was cold comfort to travelers. “If the flight was going to get canceled, it would have been nice to have known it earlier during the day. That way we would have made other arrangements. And I’m sure the whole airport feels that way right now,” said Elaine Bodick, visiting from Providence.

This led to long lines at the car rentals, with visitors waiting upwards of five hours for a car. “Now I have to cancel meetings with work, get a hold of my job, find someone to take care of my animals, rearrange everything at home,” said Pennsylvania traveler Amber Barger.