What’s Not to Love About Hiring a Yacht to Sail in Italy?

By  //  March 31, 2022

Setting sail in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy is a bucket list holiday for many. The country’s hot sunny climate, world-famous cuisine, and rich cultural sites make it the ideal destination to explore and doing so by yacht has a number of additional benefits.

It is now easy to find a Yacht charter in Italy through sites such as BorrowABoat. Yachts are located in a number of different coastal regions, giving holidaymakers the option to see all of Italy’s finest destinations. 

Here are some of the top places to visit on a sailing trip to the Italian coast:


Tuscany and the Tuscan Islands are probably one of the most popular sailing destinations for tourists. The beautiful islands of Capraia, Elba, Giglio, and Giannutri each have marinas that are easily accessible by sea. 

Tuscany is the ideal place to visit if you are an admirer of fine wine and vineyards in the countryside. There is also the iconic leaning tower in Pisa that stands in a space known as the Campo dei Miracoli, tourists often climb the steps of the bell tower that existed since the 12th century.

Over in Siena, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is worth visiting. Created by Giovanni Pisano, the cathedral’s breath-taking exterior has intricate patterns and marble sculptures.

For an unforgettable view of Florence, stroll to Piazzale Michelangiolo where you will see the city skyline and the charming church of San Miniato. The church has mosaics and wonderful 14th century painted wood panels within.


Sardinia is another one of the world’s best charter destinations thanks to its well-spaced ports and marinas. For sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, sailing to the east coast is best, for walks along the vast rugged coastline, the west side is the preferred choice.

In the north there is Porto Cervo, the village here is small with just over 400 residents, yet it is steeped in luxury. High quality bars and restaurants line the streets alongside luxury boutiques and quaint grocery stores. 

If sailing here you are likely to come across other top-of-the-range yachts and superyachts, these belong to the exclusive Costa Smeralda yacht club. Other peaceful sailing destinations include the Gulf of Sorrento near Naples and idyllic Calabria ports, including Vibo Valentia and Tropea.

Activities you should experience while sailing on a yacht in Italy:

Whale and dolphin watching

A sailing holiday is a great opportunity to see beautiful marine life. Whale and dolphin watching is a popular option inLigurian Sea between the French and Italian coast. 

Venturing out to the Pelagos Sanctuary in the summer months may give you the chance to see whale and dolphin species such as the fin whale, bottlenose dolphin and long finned pilot whale. The Sanctuary is a protected area so a number of rules must be followed for the safety of the precious marine life.  

While you may be lucky enough to spot whales and dolphins from your yacht, participating in a properly organised sightseeing trip will give you the best chance to see them.

Cave exploration

During your sailing trip you may wish to explore some of Italy’s impressive natural sea caves and caverns. The Grotta Azzurra or Blue Cave is one of the best sea caves to visit on the island of Capri.

It is believed that this cave was one of the favourite pools for Roman Emperor Tiberius who lived in a villa on the island. Due to the layout of the cave, it is only accessible by rowboat.

For experienced divers, a stop off at Grotta di Nereo (or Nereo Cave) in Alghero, Sardinia, is not to be missed. Located to the north of Sardinia, it is the largest underwater cave in the Mediterranean.

The cave is very large with a number of different openings that can be used for access, it is thought that the site was first discovered in 1957 but this is often disputed.

Water Sports

Adrenaline junkies will love Italy due to the vast array of water sports on offer in the different coastal regions. On the south coast of the country windsurfing is usually doable for up to 0 months of the year.

The soaring heat can reach over 30°C in the height of summer, meaning cooling off in the water is a great daytime activity. Other great water sports that you will be able to hire equipment (or bring your own) for include kayaking, jet skiing, stand up paddle boarding and dinghy sailing.

Benefits of using BAB to charter a yacht in Italy

Firstly, with many ports on the Italian coast, there are a wide range of locations for chartering a yacht, which means you have a great choice of sailing destinations and types of vessels.

Using services such as BorrowABoat also gives you the option of hiring a skipper and/or crew with your yacht. Therefore, you don’t need to be an experienced sailor to enjoy the wonders of a yachting trip.