What’s The Difference Between Slingo Games And Traditional Video Slots?

By  //  March 24, 2022

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The entertainment industry has come a long way over the past decade, one of which is a transition from land-based entertainment to online entertainment. Most people talk about the introduction of streaming platforms like Netflix, which has changed the movie theatre industry forever. Another major transition has been the move from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos.

Every day, more players try online casinos for the first time, capitalizing on welcome bonuses and free spins. However, since there are so many game variations available, some players find it difficult to know which games to play. In particular, we’ve seen some confusion between Slingo and traditional video slots. Wek seek to define the differences between the two in this article.

What Are The Differences Between Slingo and Video Slots?

Slingo is a new casino game that combines elements of online bingo with video slots. However, when you play Slingo online, you will notice key differences. The first difference is that, unlike video slots, Slingo games have five reels and one row. The slot is also located at the bottom of the screen rather than the center. Another difference between Slingo and video slots is that players can use skill and strategy to change the outcome of each game.

For instance, many casino operators suggest focusing on the bigger picture rather than completing a single win line and only opt for extra buy-ins if players are close to achieving the number of Slingo’s needed for a valuable payout. For perspective, Slingo’s refer to any of the 12 win lines in the game.

What Are The Similarities?

Of course, Slingo games do have similarities to their predecessors. That’s one of the great things about hybrid games and why they are increasing in popularity, even in the video game industry, as demonstrated by games like Borderlands. In other words, hybrid games don’t discard the original games: they add something new and give players something to look forward to. Most notably, Slingo games are based on popular culture, immersing trends and themes from popular television shows, movies, and board games, much like traditional video slots.

For instance, there are online video slots based on movies, shows, and franchises like Terminator, Gladiator, and Anchorman. Slingo games also offer bonuses and reel modifiers like video slots, such as free spins. Likewise, Slingo games offer a similar return-to-player (RTP) percentage to traditional video slots, even though Slingo games do last longer.

Playing online casino games has become more popular, which means the selection offered by these platforms has become more diverse. However, with the increase in options, some players find it more difficult to find the games that match their needs. Variations of the same game can also be confusing as they may share similarities, but once you start playing, it becomes clear that they are different. When it comes to hybrid casino games, the important thing to do is compare the gameplay and incentives offered to the originals, such as Slingo versus video slots.