Where Can You Play Airsoft in Brevard County

By  //  March 1, 2022

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Regardless of the season, time spent outdoor is important to your health, both physical and mental. But, if you don’t have a specific activity to do outside, just taking a walk can easily get boring. 

Luckily, Brevard county has a lot of fun activities lined up for its residents and visitors, from water sports to a day at the Space Center or Legoland. But if you want to be outdoors, have some fun with your friends, and sweat a little bit while doing all these, airsoft is a great option. 

The airsoft game gives you plenty of chances to socialize and make friends, but it can also be a bonding experience since parents and children can play together. Plus, you get to play with a really cool-looking airsoft gun!

If you take a look at this 2022 guide of the best airsoft guns, it’s easy to see just how realistic some of these replicas look. Plus, some of them provide you with the same feel and sensation as a real gun. 

So if you want to test the airsoft game or sharpen your skills in a battle of strategic witts with friends, here are the top three places where you can play Airsoft in Brevard County:

#1: Raptor Airsoft Field & Shop

Situated at 29540 Fullerville Rd DeLand, the Raptor Airsoft Field prizes itself as being the largest airsoft field in Florida (60 acres of land in total!). The field is open every Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm and provides customers with access to 6 different airsoft fields (around 15 acres each). 

The great thing is that each field has a specific type of terrain so you can try your chances in the sand one week and in the forest the other week. You also get to choose between different game scenarios and, if you don’t have an airsoft gun or gear, their shop is nearby.

#2: Combat Zone Sports

Located at 2210 W. King St Cocoa, the facility welcomes both airsoft and paintball players with access to interesting fields and game scenarios. Besides the space to play airsoft or paintball (depending on your preferences), the field also has a shop where you can buy equipment and gear. 

Plus, this field is friendly towards beginners, in the sense that you can get your first airsoft lessons here. There are coaches and people willing to guide beginners and teach them how to shoot and how to play while staying safe. 

#3: Xplex Paintball & Airsoft Club

Located at 195 Genesis Way New Smyrna Beach, the Xplex club is a family-friendly facility that’s geared mostly towards kids (and their parents). The staff is friendly and the young ones (assisted by a parent) can be initiated in the art of strategy and fun by a veteran airsofter or paintballer. 

Plus, the company also offers to bring the fun of airsoft/paintball to your house. If you want to organize a kids’ party and you have the space (a large yard, for instance), they will come on location and prepare everything. This can be a fun bonding experience between parents and children or an extremely enjoyable party that your kid will be proud to have.  

Wrap Up

Nowadays, airsoft/paintball fields are easy to find across the country because the community includes such a big variety of people of all ages and from all walks of life. So, even if you don’t feel like spending more time outdoors (although, you should), constant airsoft practice and the chance to connect with other players may be a strong motivational factor.