Why Communication is the Key to Successful Companies

By  //  March 30, 2022

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business leader, or a manager, you’ll know that getting people on the same page is incredibly important in business. If your staff aren’t singing from the same hymn sheet, it’ll result in confusion and dissonance. Productivity suffers too when workers aren’t communicating properly, and this usually starts at the top.

The buck stops with you as a manager or leader, so it’s important to understand exactly why communication is so important in business – and what you can do to improve it. Here’s what you need to know. 


Communication is about cohesion. The way in which you communicate with your workers will demonstrate your values – and your company’s values. If they listen or have this communication emphasized multiple times, they’ll learn to onboard that approach and those values, letting them dictate their approach to their work. And as your workers come on board with your vision, your team will work in a more cohesive way. 

That’s great news for teams trying something ambitious and new. It’s also important for consistency when it comes to customer service. Most importantly, cohesion through consistent communication will give a sense of comfort and security to your workers, which is hugely important for their productivity. If everyone feels they’re on the same page, they’ll work together better. 


The Silicon Valley motto is to “move fast and break things”. But how can you possibly move fast when getting a job done involves phone calls, emails, instant chats, and a distribution of workers across desks and floors in your offices. This issue has only grown more acute during the pandemic, with workers less and less able to process tasks quickly and efficiently. Productivity takes a hit as a result. 

Communication software is the cavalry riding over the hill for firms struggling with agility and speed. The latest technology provides a centralized system to conduct instant messaging as well as conference calling communication while also supporting the uploading of key documents. You can click here to learn more about advanced intranet software that’s designed to make your communication fast and easy for all your workers to access. 


Finally, communication is also a top-down affair in companies. Just as there’s a hierarchy of seniority, there’s also a hierarchy in communication and the importance placed on your words as a leader. You cannot blame your workers if they’re rudderless and unmotivated because they’re responding to the way in which you communicate with them and issue them goals or objectives. 

As such, communication is a key tool in your management arsenal. Rather than relying on crude rewards or punishments to motivate staff, be sure to give them the support and guidance they need at all times. Try to make time and space for staff to raise concerns with you, and keep open channels of communication for your workers to approach you at any time in the working day. That way, you’ll manage them better, and they’ll work harder for your firm. 

Communication is among the most important things to perfect to make your company more efficient, so these tips are important for any business leader looking to improve their firm.