Why FFP2 Masks Offer Superior Protection Against COVID-19

By  //  March 31, 2022

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There is a significant amount of research to show that wearing masks is one of the best ways to prevent being infected with COVID-19. Apart from keeping you safe from the virus, wearing a mask also ensures those around you that could have co-mobility or lack access to quality healthcare are protected.

The world witnessed an acute shortage of personal protective equipment (PPEs) that include high-quality masks at the beginning of the pandemic. Supplies have since been adjusted and now top-notch masks that give you maximum protection are commonplace in shops and pharmacies. You can easily buy an ffp2 maske Schwarz today at your convenience and at half the price that it cost just one year ago.

These masks feature a special type of material called polypropylene that has electrostatic properties to trap dust particles and viral impurities. They are much better than cloth masks which filter a relatively small percentage of particles in the air. In this article, we explain to you why a premium quality face mask like schwarze ffp2 maske, is the surest way to protect yourself against Covid-19. Read on to learn more.

What are the Qualities of a good mask?

A mask is judged by three things. These are comfort, filtration, and fit. Filtration shows how good a mask is at blocking out particles in the air that we breathe in or out. For example, an N95 mask filters 95% of all the particles in the air. This means that, if 1000 particles were needed for you to get infected, it will take ten times longer for you to catch the virus. The next important characteristic of a good face mask is fit.

A properly-fitting mask ensures that no air can leak into or out of your mask when you wear it. This way, it ensures that no particles can escape the mask or enter it. This is crucial in protecting not only the wearer but also the people nearby. Fit is probably the most important factor you should consider. However high-quality a mask is, it will not be of much use to you if it allows air particles to escape or enter the mask.

Comfort is the third feature to consider when buying a face mask. Comfort is especially important when you plan to be out for long and will wear your mask during this time. You can try the mask to see if it’s comfortable when worn before you buy it.

What about surgical and cloth masks?

Wearing a cloth mask is indeed better than not having any mask at all. Governments and health authorities advised members of the public at the start of the pandemic to wear cloth masks. The reason was the biting shortage of quality face masks at that time. Things have since changed and these masks are now available in plentiful supply.

With the knowledge that COVID-19 is spread mainly via tiny aerosol particles that remain suspended in the air for hours, governments and health experts have updated their advice about cloth masks. Cloth masks cannot sufficiently protect you from these tiny droplets. The best protection you can hope for when you are out is to wear a high-quality mask, like ffp2 maske schwarz. Others include N95 and KN95 respirators.

What Other Considerations Should You Take?

That masks are incredibly vital in fighting COVID-19 is not in doubt. A mask traps airborne particles that might carry the virus. Inhaling these particles puts you at risk of contracting COVID-19. Because of their importance in combating coronavirus, you must get the best masks in the market.

While we were urged to desist from stocking premium-grade masks at the beginning of the pandemic due to a global shortage, the issue of supply isn’t an issue anymore. When in an indoor space that has a large size of people, you must wear a mask. The same also applies to a room filled with people but has poor ventilation.

With the virus mutating itself into the highly transmissible Omicron variant, we cannot afford to lower our guard just yet. Vaccines indeed reduce illness severity and transmission rates. But vaccines can work a lot better if it is combined with other guidelines. Masking up and being vaccinated, for example, drastically reduces the virus spread.

Because of how effective high-quality masks are in curbing the spread of the virus, buying a schwarze ffp2 maske makes a lot of sense. They are much better than cloth or face or surgical masks. However, where you cannot access an ffp2 mask, a cloth or surgical mask will do although you should not expect the same level of protection.

In addition to wearing masks, personal hygiene and keeping social distance are equally important. Wash your hands always or use a hand sanitizer when you cannot access soap. These measures may have been advocated for during the early days of the pandemic but they remain useful to date. Also, get jabbed in case you haven’t.


With more information about the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus being unraveled, the strategy of fighting the virus has changed. Experts have discovered that the particles of the virus remain suspended in the air for some time when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. These particles can then be inhaled by other people.

This discovery has put great focus on masks as a primary means of fighting the virus spread. The risk of transmission is especially great in indoor places containing a significant number of people. Places where you must wear a mask include offices, shopping centers, hospitals, and schools.

It is upon governments and health bodies to strongly campaign for mask-wearing, especially in public places. Special emphasis should be put on high-quality masks like N95, KN95, and filtering face-piece masks like ffp2 maske schwarz. The fight against this deadly virus remains far from worn and we can’t throw caution to the wind just yet. Everyone should do their part. Wear a mask, keep social distance, and ensure high standards of hygiene.