Why is it so Important to Gain the Trust of Gamblers?

By  //  March 14, 2022

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You’ve probably seen those concerts where a famous singer throws himself into the arms of his fans from the stage. It’s an image that reflects like no other the trust that exists between the singer and his fans.

Today’s online casinos are always looking to be like those popular singers. Ultimately, it’s not just about making money, it’s about our customers trusting us.

Businesses, companies, newspapers and politicians want to be the best choice, they want to fall into the arms of their customers without fear of anything. But that is not something that can be won overnight, nor without effort.

It is essential to have good statistics, to know what worries our customers, rewards, payment methods, bad reviews, speed of cash withdrawals, legal regulations…. Knowing the customers, knowing what motivates them is fundamental in the online casino business. 

In short, getting to know our potential customers better and what they expect is the initial step to gain their trust.

Expectations for the near future indicate that online casino players are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, it is vital that casino operators improve the user experience to the maximum and build long-term relationships with users.

What really matters to gamblers

The world is changing, that’s a fact. And it will continue to change in the future. Perhaps 20 years ago the issues that matter so much to today’s gamblers were not so important.

Internet users are demanding more and more responsibility from the sites they frequent. They demand quality services, but also a good image and reputation. New gamblers increasingly value the previous experiences of other users. They are also obsessed with privacy and security.

Trust in an online casino is essential to build loyalty among new users. Current statistics indicate that nearly 70% of those seeking information about new casinos will not access a site they do not trust.

Trust in the age of Internet casinos

The issue of trust is increasingly important in the digital world and especially in the online gambling market. 

Building trust is critical for casinos, in a context where the volume of players, services and revenue generated by online gambling has increased exponentially and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

It is logical that many gamblers are concerned about finding the most suitable casino for their interests. And among those interests are not only attractive casino bonuses, but also security and protection of personal data.

Casino players want to deposit their money at secure sites that respect all payment commitments. 

The payment methods used by a casino are fundamental to promote this necessary credibility. In previous articles we have talked about casinos that accept and operate on the Trustly platform, which allows, in total security, to make online payments directly from a bank account. It is a fast, simple, effective and very secure system. Are you interested in knowing which are the best Trustly casinos?

How to build trust in the era of online gambling

It is necessary to display information that allows users to see that there is a real organization behind each online casino. Sometimes we find gambling sites with a poor description in the “About us” section, this is a danger signal.

It should be made explicit that the casino is licensed and complies with all the rules and regulations governing gambling in the country where it is located or operates.

Online gambling sites should take care of their reputation and should keep in mind that as much information as possible should always be available to users. The greater the transparency, the greater the trust and security.

Online casinos should also be concerned about having as many positive but real customer reviews as possible.