Why Landing Pages Are a Must-Have Element of Any Digital Marketing Strategy?

By  //  March 8, 2022

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Since a landing page is a standalone web page specifically created for an advertising campaign or to promote an offer, it can help you a lot in building brand awareness, credibility and generate more leads. 

A landing page is where internet users land after clicking on an advertisement or a link shared via email, social media site, or any other digital channel. Well-designed and properly optimized landing pages significantly boost conversion rates making them a must-have of any digital marketing strategy.

When designed to meet the expectations of potential customers or clients, a landing page can build authority and trust for your business and take your product or offer out there in the best possible way. If you have an exciting balance transfer offer or a new product to promote, now is the best time to get started with landing page designing, and here is why:

Reduced Cost per Acquisition

CPA or cost per acquisition is the total cost a company or brand spends on acquiring a new customer. CPA cost is much lower when there is a landing page to promote a specific product or offer. This provides all essential details and information about your product or offer at a place without directing visitors to somewhere else.

Well, optimized landing pages also make the customer journey easier and simpler. This results in lower costs, increase ROI and reduce CPA significantly. 

They are Focused

Your potential customers click on advertisements for a reason. And fooling them by not providing enough details about what you have promised is a bad thing. This is a highly competitive landscape and now is not the time to share the history of your brand. This is where landing pages come into play and shed light on a particular product or offer.

They are not tied to your brand but still serve as an extension of your brand. They keep visitors focused on the offer and keep distractions away to help prospects make effective buying decisions. Hence, content on a landing page must have the end goal of getting visitors what they want. 

Increase Conversion Rates

Landing pages that are easy to navigate and responsive, result in increased conversions. Be it an email list subscription, lead generation or sign up, when you use well designed landing pages, you can enjoy more conversions than your official website.

A landing page does not guarantee improved conversions but makes the customer journey easier and provides focused information and details to turn visitors into valuable customers. Forms on landing pages are also broken into steps, so users can see exactly where they are in the process.

Marketing on Budget

Landing pages allow you to scale your marketing efforts even without scaling marketing budget, resources, and time. Landing page designing is easier than ever before. Even you can design with no coding skills and expertise. There are so many solutions and platforms available to design such pages without spending a lot of bucks.

Now it is very easy to create and publish new pages for specific products or offers on your business website. As a result, you can augment your marketing efforts with landing pages without spending lots of time and money. 

Test and Validate New Ideas

There is no need to design a whole page and publish it to see if your audience likes it or not. Thanks to quick A/B testing features, you can test all elements of a landing page to check whether they work properly or not.

You can also get the audience’s feedback and response on your ideas to see if spending more resources and efforts on it would be a great idea or not. Furthermore, real time visitor insights and analytics provide you with useful data that can be used to improve other marketing strategies to reach desired outcomes. 

Final Verdict

When you want to develop a digital marketing strategy to promote a new product or an offer, landing page designing is a must these days. Landing pages when designed creatively help you attract more customers, boost conversions, and add new products or offers quickly to your business website.

In simple words, including landing pages into your digital marketing arsenal would be a smart move to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.