6 Irresistible Men’s Footwear from Birkenstock for Every Style and Every Mood

By  //  April 30, 2022

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Shoes Make a Man.” This quotation may be an overrated statement but it holds significant meaning. Your attire reflects your personality, and shoes play an integral role in defining your aura. Feet are sensitive, and it’s necessary to gift them a loving pair of footwear that offers adequate care and comfort.

Men, in particular, are more apprehensive about the shoes they wear, and they never have too many, even if the count cannot be made on fingers. Casuals, formals, semi-formals, you need to have them all! So here Birkenstock brings you some great footwear essentials that are a must-have in your wardrobe! A shoe for every occasion and depicting every mood to convey your feelings. Let us dig in!


Even when you swore never to wear sneakers ever again, you coincidently spotted a pair of leather sneakers on your way through the Birkenstock store. And indeed, this was the best thing that happened to you. A changed decision and a happy you! Our sneakers can be paired with jeans and suits to impart a casual and happy feel to your busy feet. So play with the colours and tie up the laces in style as you hop into any place in the world that doesn’t demand any dress code. 


Did you scream “comfort with style”? If we heard that right, then here is the trendy moccasin that feels and looks like a semi-shoe and provides you with the comfort of a slipper. The moccasins can be chosen in suede or leather fabric, and they offer excellent styling foot comfort that makes walking, driving, and other activities as easy as a cakewalk. In addition, a pair of nude moccasins from Birkenstock can be teamed up with formal suits to blend grace with playfulness.


Long-lasting and comfortable! This is how one defines a clog! Wear it at home, in the garden, at the grocery store, or at the office. A clog is your faithful companion. Birkenstock’s leather clogs are stylish, durable, and versatile. Pair it up with denim, or team it up with your beach shorts, and you are good to rock your presence.

Formal Shoes

Cracking billion-dollar deals is not a joke for all the men who have regular board meetings. An exclusive pair of formal shoes can boost your confidence and instill a ‘go-getter’ attitude. Wear the covered one or try the open shoes for men from Birkenstock for a semi-formal appeal. A designer suit and leather shoes are the perfect combinations to set the office look ablaze.


Ohh, how can we leave behind the holy boots that are an all-time popular choice with superheroes of the town? The boot is the perfect example of how casual meets corporate. Modernising your look is easy with these sassy shoes from Birkenstock, which fall between formal and normal dress codes.

When attending a formal event, choose Birkenstock’s boots in leather; when going out for drinks on a Friday night, choose pointed boots; and when dressing down, choose suede boots (most popular and highly versatile).

Sandals For Men

Birkenstock creates the best sandals for men – appropriate footwear for all who value a healthy lifestyle and a distinct appearance – such as slippers, comfortable work shoes, leisure sandals, and EVA sandals. Depending on your taste and the situation, you can pick from various basic models and countless variations.

 Barbados sandals have a single strap that may be worn narrow or wide, making them practical and stylish.

Arizona sandals are two-strap sandals for men that are both traditional and comfy.

Models of Davos slippers to wear at home are both stylish and cosy.

Flip-flops stylish sandals with a strap between the toes are popular in Honolulu.

Boston clogs are versatile and long-lasting. 

So the next time you hit your favourite footwear store, prepare the checklist of your footwear in advance!

Choosing The Right Footwear Brand For Ultimate Styling

When it comes to footwear, Birkenstock is the name to trust. As the adage goes, ‘style and functionality should go hand in hand’; there are no two ways about it. A pair of stylish slippers for men with this particular brand will always be a fashion statement. Leather slippers for guys can be paired with jeans, a polo shirt, or shorts in various informal and stylish ways.

They will please individuals who value stability and functionality in their footwear. Enjoy fashion with a twist, and lead a healthy, active lifestyle with the Birkenstock sandals for men.

Quality Has No Substitute at Birkenstock

Products made by the Birkenstock brand adhere to ethical, ecologically friendly, and responsible manufacturing practices, resulting in long-lasting and high-quality goods. Since most men’s shoes are crafted by hand, they’re almost exclusively produced in workshops. European countries supply most raw materials for creating men’s footwear, including cork, rubber, jute, and leather. Each pair of men’s sandals from Birkenstock is built to last forever and provide maximum comfort.