Drive Like a Pro, Even on Rainy Days!

By  //  April 7, 2022

Rain causes a hindrance in everyday driving and increases the risk of accidents. Even the most expert drivers can find driving on a rainy day a challenging task and often end up in accidents or collisions. These accidents occur due to a blurred windshield and vehicle balance issues that arise due to the rain.

Rain is a common occurrence in most cities of Texas and hence a significant cause of road accidents. To help the Texas citizens avoid accidents, here are five tips that will help you keep your vehicle in control, no matter how rainy the weather is. 

Tips to safely drive during rain:

1. Be prepared:

Before taking your vehicle out on a drive during a rainy day or a day when it is expected to rain, prepare in advance. Ensure that all the tires in your vehicle are not punctured and have enough air pressure to prevent them from treading or losing balance. Always keep a spare tire in the trunk of your car along with the necessary tools required to change the tire if the need arises.

The windshield wipers are a blessing during rains, but often a broken rubber or a loose wire can lead to the wipers not functioning correctly. Ensure that your vehicle’s wipers are working properly, and if not, get them repaired or replaced before the rainy season. Frisco injury lawyers recommend avoiding driving in very heavy rain unless it is an emergency or unavoidable circumstances.

2. Keep your lights on:

Drivers on the road might have compromised vision while driving during rain. Keep your vehicle’s lights on at a medium beam so other drivers can see your car and you will be able to clearly see the road and avoid any obstructions that may lead to an accident. 

3. Drive slowly and do not rush:

A 5-min hurry can lead to a lifetime of regret due to an accident. When driving in the rain, never speed to avoid losing control of your vehicle. Reduce your average driving speed to a third while driving on a wet road, and also increase distance between the car in front of you as the braking time increases on slippery roads due to rain. 

4. Try to maintain vehicle balance at all times:

Skidding is one of the riskiest motions that occur on wet roads and causes accidents on rainy days. Avoid skidding by driving slowly and carefully. If you start losing the balance of your vehicle, start slowing down your speed and turn the steering wheel in the direction that your car is skidding towards until you start regaining control of your vehicle. Avoid making sharp turns or abrupt hard braking, to avoid skidding. 

5. Be cautious of water levels:

Most drivers think that they can manage driving in floodwaters, but just a water level of 12 inches can easily carry off a small vehicle, while a 24 inches or 2-feet rushing water level can carry away almost all vehicles. 

Driving during the rain may feel thrilling and exciting, but it can often lead to very damaging accidents. Always avoid driving during rain especially if it’s raining hard. For help with accidents during rain, contact the police, visit a medical professional if an accident occurs, and contact an attorney to learn how they might be able to help with damages from an accident.