How the Creative Arts Help Neurodivergent Individuals Find Employment

By  //  April 12, 2022

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The creative arts is a space which encourages diversity of thought and originality in every aspect of the creative process. Until recently however, the hiring processes in this industry and many others have been exclusionary to neurodivergent individuals. This is representative of the struggle which neurodivergent individuals have finding employment.

Struggles which they have despite high levels of qualifications and talent. The Harvard Business Review reports that, “Unemployment runs as high as 80%” amongst neurodivergent individuals. Additionally, those who are employed are often underemployed, even those who are highly qualified. 

Nuerodivergent is a broad term which covers conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and ADHD. Many neurodivergent individuals have exceptional skill in, “pattern recognition, memory, and mathematics”. Neurodivergent individuals also offer truly unique perspectives and ways of viewing the world which can push any company forward. This is particularly true of the creative arts industry as new and compelling perspectives are celebrated in this field. 

The good news is that companies are starting to change their hiring processes to be more accommodating to neurodivergent individuals. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Microsoft and SAP have altered their hiring practices to court neurodivergent talent.

The Harvard Business Review reports that these companies are experiencing improvements in quality, an increase in the capacity to innovate, gains in productivity and an increase in the engagement of employees. While the demand may be greater in terms of employee management the rewards will be significant as companies can recruit from a wider range of talented individuals which will increase the variety of perspective they are able to draw from. 


AFA HUB is an online learning platform for adult learners who have diverse backgrounds. AFA HUB specializes in visual effects, animation, video game design and film-making offering one year courses in all of these disciplines. The learning platform understands the needs of its clients and provides individualized attention to its students. This takes the form of a live instructor to help them complete their courses. Each of the specializations which AFA HUB offers are comprised of six, two month courses. Upon completion of the courses a certificate of completion is provided. 

If a student wishes to specialize further in their particular field they are able to complete a second year of studying which will raise their skill levels to that of the industry standard. This will allow them to be better qualified to enter the workforce in their specialized skill. The students manage the work for their courses on an online learning platform. This platform allows for students to submit their assignments, communicate with their classmates and their instructor, view their course material whenever they want to and to be able to participate in online forums. 

My Calm World 

My Calm World is, “an online gathering of curated work by a variety of creative artists to help you find your calm”. The service ranges from music to guided meditations and bedtime stories and seeks to provide a location where the consumer can find art which brings them, “peace and joy”. 

Copyright: My Calm World 

My Calm World creates paid employment for young people who are on the spectrum. This allows these young people to gain vital experience in their chosen fields, develop a portfolio and further hone their crafts. My Calm World recruits many AFA HUB graduates and provides these graduates with work in the fields of digital editing, illustration, animation and voiceover.

The company has created a pipeline for production which hires young adults and provides them with mentorship to facilitate their growth as artists as well as their introduction to the working world. This provides neurodivergent individuals with solid employment in their desired field as well as the mentorship they need to grow as professionals. 

Final Thoughts 

The landscape of employment is changing to be more accommodating of individuals who are neurodivergent. This is good news as April is Autism Awareness month. Companies which take the time to recruit and support neurodivergent individuals are rewarded with benefits from increased productivity to greater employee engagement.

The creative arts industry is increasing its call for neurodivergent talent and this is facilitated by learning facilities which cater to the needs of neurodivergent individuals. One such creative arts company is My Calm World which specifically hires neurodivergent talent and gives them the experience, employment and mentorship which they need to thrive.