How to Find the Right Sunglasses for Work

By  //  April 22, 2022

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If you’re an office worker, you might have noticed that most of your co-workers don’t wear sunglasses. However, protecting our eyes from the sun is incredibly important all year round, so what can you do to avoid committing an office fashion faux pas? Unless your office has a strict dress code that means you can’t wear sunglasses under any circumstances, you should be able to wear your shades to and from the office.

Some types of sunglasses will be more suitable than others and this blog has all the advice you need to make the best decision.

Ask your manager

The best way to find out if your pair of Oakley sunglasses are suitable for the office is by asking your manager or HR representative. If your company is reluctant to allow you to wear sunglasses, make sure you explain any sensitivity you have to sunlight or concerns about your vision.

Most workplaces will be understanding, especially if you have to conduct some of your job outside and it makes working difficult. For example, giving a tour or greeting visitors on a very bright day can become uncomfortable and may even be a health hazard over long periods of time. If your sunglasses aren’t suitable, your manager may give you suggestions you can follow for your next pair.

Keep colors understated

If your workplace has given you the green light on wearing sunglasses, it’s time to think about the styles that will help you to blend in. It might be best to skip bright colored frames and opt for classic black or neutral browns and greys. These might not be the most exciting colors, but they’ll match your suit or formal shirt much better than yellow cat-eye shades.

If your sunglasses are only for traveling to and from the office, color matters less, but it’s not a bad idea to look presentable anyway. If you do want a pop of color, consider dark blue or forest green.

Think about size

Channeling your inner celebrity with huge frames probably isn’t the best idea when on your way to the office. While oversized frames look great at the beach or when sitting out on the terrace, you’ll want to choose sleeker shades for your workday. However, there’s a fine line between slim sunglasses and sports styles.

Wraparound sunglasses with polarised lenses are perfectly acceptable when cycling into work, but might look out of place when you’re stepping off the tram. Always aim for medium-sized sunglasses if you don’t want to stand out next to your colleagues.


If you sit by a large window, you might need sunglasses while looking over some documents at your desk. The last thing you want is to be squinting all day or shielding your eyes, so make sure you invest in prescription sunglasses that allow you to do your job well. If the sun comes and goes throughout the day and you don’t want to have to keep switching your specs, think about buying reactive lenses that adjust to the light in the room.