How to Heat a Tent Without Electricity

By  //  April 12, 2022

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Have you ever camped outdoors in the winter? Well, while most people will agree that it is among the most beautiful things ever because everywhere gets covered by snow, you also do not need to be bothered about bugs and the like. 

However,  one constant thing most campers will agree to complain about is the cold. If you never knew, the cold nights can ruin your autumn or winter camping trip easily. 

Even though the option of bundling up to keep warm is available, nothing can be compared to a well-heated tent. Nevertheless, if you are out in the wild on one of these cold nights, we have some ideas on how to heat a tent without electricity. 

Are you thinking of taking a power generator to camp? Aside from being expensive, it is pretty heavy for a solo camper. 

Ways To Heat Your Tent

For those who seek the best ways on how to heat a tent without electricity, some of the ideal options are:

1. Make use of a hot water bottle

Like hot stones, the hot water bottle works similarly but rather than leave them around the fire, you get to fill it up with hot water. You can make use of the stove or campfire to heat your water. 

When heated, pour it inside the water bottle and immediately it gets filled up, tightly close your lid and position it in your sleeping bag. This is an ideal method lots of campers have used to fight the cold nights. 

2. Campfire Coals

Before we delve into how you can keep yourself warm with this method, bear in mind that it needs to be carried out cautiously if you want to be safe. If you are lost on how to heat a tent without electricity, campfire coals will help you out. 

Now, before you start the Campfire, you have to dig up a fire pit and ensure you save soil in a pile close to the fire. Do not forget that this will only work if there is reasonable depth. 

So, when you are ready to sleep, put out the fire and make use of the Coals to keep the tent warm. Doing this involves smothering the fire with the soil we mentioned you should leave behind. Ensure it covers the entire fire. 

Once again, do not forget to ensure that the soil you place over the fire top is much. This is done so that it does not get too hot to touch and warmth is released without any hassle. 

Position your tent on top of this soul and get everything pegged down. It is the heat of the Coals that will push through the ground to heat the tent. While this is a cool method, ensure it is done the right way as things can get extremely hot swiftly. 

3. Make use of a portable gas heater

When it comes to portable gas heaters, an option to try out is the radiant heater if you seek how to heat a tent without electricity. Though the radiant heater was once considered to be unsafe, the models made these days are secure. 

Your radiant heater will embark on transferring heat via radiation, making use of propane as its energy source. You just need to carry some gas canisters with you. 

More so, you can try using a catalytic heater as they are crafted to provide heat while simultaneously saving propane. They make use of chemical reactions in producing heat and warming your tent. This heater is highly efficient and safer than the radiant heater. 

While we are trying to avoid electricity, the electric heater is also a sure bet, especially as some newer compact electric heaters are powered by batteries. This means there is no need for any external source of power like electricity. Also when you learn how to heat a tent this is a suitable alternative.

Electric heaters are among the safest ways to heat your tent as they do not generate fumes and reduce the prospects of fire accidents. The last method to try is the candle heater. 

As a very old way of keeping your tent warm, they are made up of terracotta pots with numerous candles to produce heat but taking heavy pots for your trip will be exhausting. Most people will rather take a portable lantern or candle heater with them.  


If you seek ways on how to heat a tent without electricity, we have provided you with all you need to know. Going camping during the autumn or winter season is truly fun but you can battle the difficult cold nights with the methods we have outlined in this article.