Important Things You’ll Want to Tell Your Personal Injury Lawyer

By  //  April 1, 2022

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If you’ve never hired a lawyer before, the chances are that you don’t know how to act. Be honest and open; that’s what matters. Tell your lawyer everything so that they can correctly evaluate the merits of the claim. A good injury lawyer will make you feel comfortable and respected.

If you’re frank and tell them everything they need to know, the lawyer will be able to make informed decisions during the case process. It’s a win-win situation. When talking to your personal injury lawyer, you should be direct. If you want to get a fair shot at receiving compensation, make sure they’re fully informed from the very get-go. 

If You’ve Been Injured on Previous Occasions, Let Your Lawyer Know

Your lawyer will need to know everything about your health before you sustained your current injury. Thus, if you were injured on previous occasions, don’t hide your medical history. An insurance adjuster can claim that your current injury is somehow connected to past accidents and will deny the claim.

Put simply, your current injury will be linked to past trauma to your body, even if it’s not true. Let’s take an example. You suffered a broken arm in a car accident. Now, you’re injured in the same place. The opposing counsel will argue that the person who caused your previous injury is to blame. Your lawyer needs to be prepared for such a situation.

Disclose Your Criminal History 

Having a criminal record can affect your personal injury claim. Felony convictions, particularly recent ones, will make you seem untrustworthy. The other side will try to undermine your credibility during the trial. After all, it’s in the defendant’s best interest to pay as little as possible for your injury. Needless to say, you should tell your lawyer about your criminal history. They’ll prepare you for embarrassing questions that might be asked, so you won’t be caught off guard. Your lawyer will best serve you if they know all the facts, so get it all out in the open. 

Tell Your Personal Injury Lawyer If You’re Filing for Bankruptcy 

Declaring bankruptcy can get you in trouble. More exactly, you won’t be able to seek financial compensation from the defendant as your non-economic damages will become an asset of your estate. The money you receive for your pain and suffering will go directly to your creditors. If you’re planning to file for bankruptcy, talk to your lawyer first. Maybe they can work something out, despite notably rare exceptions. The last thing you want is to lose the freedom to decide whether to settle with the insurance company or take the case to trial. 

A Divorce Is Also Something You’ll Want to Talk About 

If you have filled or are going to file for divorce, let your lawyer know about it. In some instances, personal injury settlements are considered community property. Under the law, all community property must be split evenly if a couple divorces. If your spouse has supported you during your injury, they’re entitled to the damages you recover. You must tell your lawyer if you’re undergoing a divorce. If your significant one wants to divorce because of your injury, your lawyer can argue emotional distress.