List of Some of the Best Paying Hospitality Jobs in Cocoa Beach for 2022

By  //  April 22, 2022

Working in hospitality is certainly not the right move for everyone, as you have to be a real people person and you need to have excellent communication skills. However, for those who do have what it takes, there are some well-paid jobs available and lots of room for progression.

You can develop the skills you need for some jobs in this industry through further studies and training, and you can then use online resume examples to create the perfect resume to help you to secure a job in this industry.

In Cocoa Beach, there are lots of opportunities for great hospitality jobs in 2022. Of course, you need to have an idea of the type of work you want to do, and you also need to ensure you have the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience for the ones you apply for. In addition, it is important to ensure you know what the average salaries are for the type of hospitality work you want to do, and this can vary widely from one job to another. In this article, we will look at a sample of some of the best-paying hospitality jobs in Cocoa Beach for 2022.

Samples of Hospitality Jobs and Salaries

There are lots of options you can consider when it comes to hospitality jobs in Cocoa Beach for 2022. Remember, your existing skills, qualifications, and experience will have an impact on the ones that you can apply for. However, some also offer the chance to train on the job when you go in at entry level. Some of the samples are:

 Hospitality Manager – $37,214 per year

Hotel Manager – $100,000 per year

Banquet Server – $35,000 per year

Guest Services Representative – $22,000-$28,000 per year

Front Desk Agent – $24,500-$31,000 per year

Duty Manager Motel 6 – $29,600-$37,400 per year

Restaurant General Manager – $42,500-$53,900 per year

Of course, there are many different jobs in the hospitality sector, and some pay better than others. You can go for anything from bartender or waiter to hotel and restaurant management roles. The requirements in terms of qualifications and experience can vary from one job to another, so it is important that you do check this before you make any applications.

While most people are very interested in the pay for these jobs, you need to remember that some may be entry-level positions. So, the starting pay may be lower than the average, but it means that you have room to progress your career over time and your salary will increase in line with this.

For those who are interested in a career in the hospitality sector, there are courses that you can take to provide you with some of the skills you need depending on the exact type of work you want to do. You could even look at getting some work experience with a local company such as a restaurant or hotel to help improve your chances.