Mind Palace, as One of the Best Ways, to Improve Your Memory

By  //  April 18, 2022

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The modern way of life leaves its imprints on a person’s life, and many begin to feel that memory is gradually deteriorating. If you want to fix it and create a phenomenal memory, then it makes sense to master the mind palace. This particular technique is now widely heard by many. Some treat it as fiction while others successfully practice it. The only way to know which one is right is to master it yourself.

How The Mind Palace Technique Works

What is a mind palace? Have you ever read the books of Arthur Conan Doyle or watched the series, Sherlock Holmes? If yes, you know that this detective actively uses the Mind Halls to structure his memory and use his mind more rationally. This technique has several names in scientific circles: mind palace, method of Loci, memory palace. There is a theory that everyone can create something similar, regardless of intelligence; you need to train a lot according to a particular technique.

If you are not familiar with Sherlock Holmes, then answering the question, what is a mind palace; we can say that this is a unique technique that teaches you how to manage your memory using a special mnemonic device. People build an extraordinary castle inside their consciousness, where they put the necessary information. Then they can use it or delete it if they don’t need it.

Any person, at any age, of any profession, can master the mind palace technique. The main thing is to train every day without weekends and believe in success.

How To Master This Technique?

How to create a mind palace? Creating a mnemonic device inside your mind is a fairly complex process that can be described in simple steps:

■ Imagine a well-known building for you in the smallest detail;

■ Choose the information you want to remember (in the first step, it should be something simple);

■ Put the selected information on the nightstand in the hallway or another closet;

■ After some time, return to the place where you left the information and try to pick it up from the shelf.

You should not expect that you will be able to remember all the necessary information after the first time, but each subsequent time, it will be much easier. If you want to master Sherlock’s mind palace, you have to learn to manage your memory. It often takes a lot of patience and time, but you will start to get the first results after a few months.

How to create a mind palace faster? If you want to master the memory palace technique, try using mobile apps like memoryOS. It was developed with the support of Jonas von Essen, a two-time Memorization Champion. He created his program, which helps to quickly and easily master the mind palace technique.

The advantage of this method is:

■ Interactive interface;

■ Availability of 3D models;

■ Easy to use;

■ Aimed at improving both memory and imagination;

■ Doesn’t take much time.

If you spend only 20-30 minutes a day on this application, you will get the first results in building a mind palace in a few weeks.

In addition, if you want to build a memory palace faster, it makes sense to reconsider your diet and daily routine.

Create the best possible conditions for your brain to work:

■ Give up alcohol and reduce your nicotine intake;

■ Sleep at least 8 hours a day;

■ Increase physical activity;

■ Spend more time outdoors;

■ Change your diet.

Help your brain work better, include foods that stimulate it in your diet, such as redfish, turmeric, coffee, dark chocolate, and nuts, and reduce your intake of fried and fatty foods. After a while, you will notice that you can think more clearly, and building a mind palace is not as difficult as it seemed at first glance.