Psychic Reading Online 2022: Find the Best Online Psychic Reading and Get Free Reading Now!

By  //  April 30, 2022

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Let’s understand how your clairvoyance level in opting for accurate psychic readings online helps with your destiny: Some days we get through an entire day effortlessly, while we can barely get out of bed some days. Some days, we’re on top of the world, while on the other days, we’re at rock bottom.

Here is where the psychic reading comes in. No unwanted lows when you’ve got the key to venture into the future. 

Having your readings from the comfort of our home through online psychic readings saves a lot of your traveling time and provides a reputable connection with the best psychic anywhere around the globe. Isn’t it so easy to get your matters solved just beyond a few clicks? 

Today, we will introduce you to the online psychic guide covering its principles, background, five best online psychics reading sites, and everything that comes in between. Let’s get started! 

When to start psyching reading? 

It’s likely that people will be eclipsed out of our lives in the coming months. And it is even more likely that you’ll get sad, thinking of it all day long while taking notes of their shortcomings. 

The goal of psychic reading is to feel inspired to harness a light that lifts you. These readings help you accomplish the goals by providing a layout. 

There are several psychic readings, but astrology and tarot reading are gaining much hype these days. People find solace in these pseudoscientific methods and even opt for these instead of booking a session with a clinical psychologist. 

On the days when thoughts consume all of our daily energy and even when nights pass by tossing and turning, it affects our performance. We might suffer in our minds and even can’t collect ourselves to do a simple chore. 

Today is the right time to start with the best psychic reading online before you suffer. It is equally possible that it might not have worked for you earlier because of your collaboration with unworthy brands. However, you can always try trustworthy providers to keep your spirits up. 

Ranking Best Psychics Online in a Chronological Order

#1 Mysticsense – Best Chat Psychics In Town

#3 Oranum – Find Famous Psychics Here

#3 Asknow – Free Psychic Reading Around the Globe

#4 Kasamba – Famous Psychics Provider Online

#5 California Psychic – Most Trusted Psychic in 2021

5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites in 2021

1) Mysticsense – Best Chat Psychics In Town


 Offer 5 Free Minutes

Allow phone reading, video calls reading, and chat reading options. 

Specialize in Energy Psychics 

Primarily deals in psychics, tarot, and astrology.


Requires prior $10 deposit to avail Free 5 Minutes

Apt user experience with adept psychics introduced Mysticense with excellence in the world of competition. And it’s the reason why we have it just next to Mysticsense. 

Or maybe you have got a financial crackdown with a lack of career orientation, then congratulations; you’re exactly in the right place. 

But how would you choose which psychic exactly meets your needs? These real psychics are just a chat and a call away, and you can filter your favorite psychic based on the subject and their prompt availability

When signing up for any readings that require a bit of spirituality, your best bet is on someone whose energy matches yours. You will gain a moderate insight into the personality of each psychic reader by reading through reviews on their profile. Mysticsense makes it easier by spotting their psychics right there on the homepage. 

Not just this, Mysticense offers to ease every other step. From account setting to connection till filtering out famous psychics, it provides what nobody does. 

It allows you to know about the psychics’ availability in your local time and lets them evaluate your problems upon multiple criteria to come up with an accurate result. 

All spiritual questions answered. The best and the trustworthy advisor rated # 1. Raise your vibe with this credible psychic online site. 

Claim Your First 5 – Minutes All For Free

Simply choose a psychic from their homepage or search by category, advisor style, or price. Each psychic has a featured photo as well as a brief description of their areas of expertise, languages spoken, and qualifications.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Testimonial: I love the way they respond, which was somehow accurate. My questions were general, but I was responded with more specific answers – precisely what I was looking for.Fred Aragon

Learn more at

2) Oranum – Find Famous Psychics Here


Have psychics with 20+ years of experience

Offer several psychic tools 

Offer 10-minutes of free reading to all. 

Deals in a variety of subjects. 


Accessible to 18+

Healing is hard to measure unless you don’t have a direction to move on. Oranum offers a vast number of online psychics, some even practicing divination for about 20 years. 

Suppose you find yourself in the dilemma of trying to figure out an excellent psychic reading online service. In that case, this guide presents you with some of the best picks in the industry, and even better, they’re available round the clock and on hand to give you answers in one click.This site particularly covers a wide variety of perspectives of life, work, and pets. 

Oranum is well-acquainted with these three shortcomings of cheap psychic readings online, so it has wonderfully addressed its prospects in these areas. 

Oranum aims to find your happiness by catering to you in ‘all’ possible means. It has managed to arrange smooth online psychic readings that are easy to comprehend. You tell your subject and let them deal. Also, they offer a better assortment of their psychic qualities, allowing you to filter out your psychic just beyond a click. 

Unlike, cheap psychics site Oranum offers credible psychics to deal with your matter with utmost perfection. Nonetheless, they are more directed toward earning long-term customers. 

Oranum has a feature that allows you to depict the time and zones of your psychics. This better helps communication and moves you a step ahead in making choices for your relevant therapist. 

Get the first 10-minutes of free psychic reading as soon as you register with Oranum.

Oranum stands out from other psychic readings online because it allows you to know a psychic before paying for a session through a live video call. 

Oranum also states their psychics’ per-minute rate and whether or not they give any free minutes to new customers. 

Finally, you will find out how many years they’ve worked, what their astrological sign is, and whether they’re available or not.

Oranum is masters in dealing with dream interpretations which most psychic websites do not offer. 

For years, Ornaum has managed to provide its customers with fair and scam-free psychic services online. A private reading long-before actual booking gives it an edge amongst its competitors. 

In total, there are 13 categories of psychic reading offered at Oranum. This includes Palm reading, relationship, Tarot reading, and dream analysis. 

In addition to their website, you can have complete access to every feature on the “go” via their App. Oranum psychics charge between $0.39 – $9.99 per minute.

Also, the website is easy to navigate to end up with your relevant service provider without spending a lot of time. 

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Testimonial: I am a massive fan of Oranum! I have used it since the beginning. In recent times, I only have readings with a few of the psychics I trust, which are: Alycia Rose, Benny Ciaccio, LoveDrNikki, and Psychic Fae. These four psychics are the most gifted and always right about their predictions and advice.Anna L

Learn more at

3) Asknow – Free Psychic Reading Around the Globe


Offer customer support 24-7

Offer 5-minutes of free reading to all. 

Have phone reading and chat psychics available

Wide range of price-points for new and existing users. 



Asknow is one of the globally accepted psychic reading portals that has earned a reputation within a few years of struggle. AskNow is a reliable psychic reading service online. They have psychics on board that are available 24/7. Such availability sets them distinctly.

The secret not only lies with their services but also with the user-centric approach they move forward with. It has several psychics from all over the world specializing in different domains. 

The website approaches the landers most effectively, and that is, they own a guided FAQ section to keep the people off from shifting between the web pages. 

It offers accessibility to psychics via a phone call and is also highly motivated to educate the less experienced ones. It’s among one of the best psychic readings near me. 

Transparency, along with high-end user protection, sets Asknow apart from other psychic offerings. Connecting with a psychic online is not always easy, and to cater to this, Asknow provides phone and chat psychic options to convey well. 

Asknow is the platform for individuals seeking solutions to their relationship problems. It’s recommended for individuals facing troubled marriage life or folks who can’t seem to stay in a relationship for long.

They can also be of help to folks struggling to find “the right one.” They have the best selection of relationship psychic readers to provide answers to your troubled relationship life effortlessly.

One of the most notable of Asknow is that it offers its services bilingually in English and Spanish. Though its services are not available round the clock, you can always schedule your time with your favorite one. Also, get your hands on the offer now: 

5-minutes of free reading to all. Also, Only $1 a minute and 15 min for only $10!

Sounds crazy! 

Ask yourself what the significant pre-requisites you expect an online psychic platform to offer are? 


Probably, you’ll end up stating: 

1. Smooth on-call and chat-psychics

2. Good Website User Interface and Customer Support 

3. And, of course, adept psychics.

Asknow cares about its customers and is always open to suggestions. Also, all the psychics under ‘Best Psychic’ are rated well. You can check them out by yourself to have a clear insight. 

You can get a nonjudgmental, detailed reading that sheds light on future possibilities by inquiring about your career path, dreams, and even money.

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

Testimonial: I have used this company for many years, and I see many good psychics come and go over the years I used this service. If you’re looking for honest advice and guidance, call Devin Starlight, and Medium Jozeette from asknow are best. Mary Soto. 

Learn more at

4) Kasamba – Famous Psychics Provider Online


Provides Daily Horoscope

Accept Paypal

3-minutes free or 50% off on your first psychic reading

Professional psychics with proven experience


No video chat option available. 

Kasamba has been serving people for 20+ years and now has become the favorite of many. Your way to happiness lies with them, which is the prominent tagline as soon as you hit the landing page. 

Kasamba is a quick dial for those who seek clarity on critical areas of life, such as finding closeness, discovering career paths, and dream interpretations. You will have access to information about every psychic from their dashboard. 

Kasamba has notable psychics on its platform and never engages any unauthentic sources and providers with it. This sets its services apart from regular online psychic providers that offer cheap psychics with low quality. 

It allows the engagement of several specialized psychics that help you deal with any matter you are most struggling with. 

Their intuitions and guidance will save you from the curveballs life might have planned to throw on you in the next few days. 

The website’s design and clarity on navigation also increase its reputation among the masses. And this is exactly what Kasamba offers to its valuable customers. 

Search filters will help you filter your choice without navigating all the web pages. 

Make your first appointment now!


Kasamba is dedicated to providing full customer satisfaction. Online psychic reading is made valuable this way. They follow this up with a guarantee that if your chosen psychic isn’t a good fit for you for some reason, you can finish your session right away and contact customer service. 

When you and another person don’t get along, it just takes a few minutes for them to believe that you know what you’re talking about when you want to end a reading early. 

They’ll credit you for the first five minutes, allowing you to focus on someone with whom you feel completely at ease.

Kasamba is a quick dial for those who seek clarity on critical areas of life, such as finding your closeness, discovering career paths, and dream interpretations. You will have access to information about every psychic from their dashboard. 

Some of the critical information displayed here includes name, specialization, headshot as well as reviews. For best results, it’s recommended you steer clear of psychics with a rating lower than 3.0.

They also promote savings by providing new customers with promotional bundles that provide a 15% discount off the regular price. Their website is straightforward to use.

The best part about Kasamba is you can keep track of your psychic’s availability via downloading a Kasamba App. This further improves accessibility and connection. 

The goods don’t end over here. It also offers a money-back full or partial guarantee of up to 50$. You need to be prompt in your claim to avail of this service. 

Kasamba even provides psychic readings through email alongside chat and on-call offerings. Upon first time dealing with Kasamba, it gifts you with the following offer: 

Click here for 3 free minutes + 50% off Offer!

Have yours today and enjoy having an insight on the matters you’re least knowledgeable about. Goodluck. 

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Testimonial: Fairly good experience.Had trouble finding an advisor who could connect. However, once I did, she was spot on and provided great details, which helped me feel better.  Anonymous Customer

Learn more at

5) California Psychic – Most Trusted Psychic in 2021


Psychics are proficient with several psychic devices

All Testimonials are 100% Real

Offer 100% satisfaction

Get a free daily horoscope


Video readings aren’t provided

Since the late 80’s California Psychic has been serving its customers with exceptional and transparent services throughout the world

Connect with your favorite psychic any part of the day from anywhere, and you’ll find their experiences blessing you with solace ever after. Their legitimate services have gained them a die-hard fan base throughout the world. 

No doubt, they have an impressive lineup of skilled readers that delivers their readings via live chat or phone. While there are limitations to using this medium, the answer they provide is well defined and creates a client’s laid-out path.

If you’re a bit psychic skeptical and it’s hard for you to trust such offerings, California psychics will draw you towards reality and wonders a psychic can do to you. 

The older, the better. California Psychic has been serving since 1989 and stands out as the most respected psychic service online. Your focused mission upon discovering the right situation can drag you to evident solutions to your life problems. 

What’s great about California Psychics is they have a capable filtering system for their psychic advisors, so you can actually use the topics to search for the right one. 

The psychics at the place are too proficient at several psychic devices, including tarot cards, tea leaves, and crystals. These psychics are experienced in flash-backing and flash-forwarding your case to let you have the needed insight. 

California psychics promo is going to relieve your struggles to book an appointment with your needed psychic. 

Click here to get up to %80 Discount!

A popular package of $1/minute  goes hand-in-hand with the new customers. A preferred package of $2/minute and $4 for the premiere package. 

 No rookie assistance, just extraordinaire, gets into your goal. 

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

Testimonial: During this crazy time, am I on the right track?! ⁣My reading was equal parts hopeful and uplifting – I made a great connection with my psychic advisor and felt like I was talking to a friend who knew me.” @Isntthatcharming

Learn more at


While sifting through a large number of live psychics can seem daunting, with this run-down of the most frequently asked questions about a psychic online reading, a client may narrow their expected guides down to their locations packed with knowledgeable readers.

With this information, making a decision should be easy, and a seeker’s true serenity should be within reach.

Q#1) How do psychics work?

Psychics have always been the source of clarity in the face of struggles. Understanding how psychics work will help you believe in their commitments toward each of their prospects. 

Want to have the fortune told? There’s a thing that transcends race, religion, sexuality, gender, political opinion, and ethnicity, and it’s called the soul family. Energetic resonance is how psychics is meant to collect the bits. 

Psychics can get connected with the energies, spirits, and other unseen things that you don’t know about. The master in interpreting these signals and conveying them in easy words. It’s how they specialize in the workings with time and serve you with the utmost potential. 

Q#2) What are the different psychic abilities? 

■ Clairvoyant Psychics: 

The major connectors help you connect with any of your past, present, or future. If you need time-related guidance, clairvoyant psychics are what you need. 

■ Clairaudient Psychics: 

These psychics hear messages from the deceased personals or spirits and the other things in the astral plane. 

■ Clairsentient Psychics: 

These psychics specialize in understanding energies around you and convey their messages all to you. 

■ Dream Analysis Psychics: 

Such psychics specialize in concluding the dreams. Want your dreams to get interpreted? Look for a dream analysis psychic only. 

■ Remote Viewing Psychics: 

Such psychics are the better interpreter of unseen things and draw interpretations out of them. 

■ Medium Psychics: 

They deal with the questions related to your deceased ones. Either you want to convey any message to the person who has departed or want to ask them how they are, you need a medium psychic to help you with. 

■ Channeling Psychics: 

These are somewhat like medium psychics. They help you connect with your dead, conveying your messages and thoughts to them in their afterlife. 

■ Empath Psychics: 

They are genuinely empathetic. They help you get rid of your pain by connecting with different energies around you. 

Q#3) What are different reading subjects? 

Below is the assortment of common psychic reading subjects that people wished to have an expert’s opinion on. 

■ Career Forecasts Psychics: 

Are you worried about your career-related dreams and goals? No worries, take an expert’s opinion, now!

■ Life Path Psychics: 

It’s all about the psychic showing you the right path you must opt for to have a better destiny of yours. 

■ Money Psychics: 

Money Psychics better caters to your money-related issues. 

■ Pets Psychics: 

Pet psychics help you better connect with your pets. Whatever the reason behind your nill-pet connection is, your pet psychic will deal with it deliberately to come up with a solution. 

■ Past Life Psychics: 

Get connected with a past life psychic to understand how you’ve been previously and how’s your life now. 

■ Deceased One’s Psychics: 

Also called medium psychics. Connect with the spirits and send them your messages by having a medium psychic as your mate. 

■ Lost Objects Psychics: 

Lost a precious commodity previously? Get in touch with Lost object psychics. These psychics can help you find the items you lost. 

■ Missing Person Psychics: 

Don’t know where your missing person is? No worries! A missing person psychic will give you clues to find the person that’s missed. 

Q#4) What are the different psychic tools available? 

■ No Tools Psychics: 

Although self-explanatory, this psychic method uses intuitions to understand the shortcomings. However, an aid with several tools helps in the mission. 

■ Tarot Card Psychics: 

Tarot card psychic revelations are thought-provoking. Self-connecting is achievable on-point with this favorite method of the clients. 

■ Astrology Psychics: 

One of the most affected and trusted psychic methods. Deals in all subjects just by understanding astrological happenings. 

■ Numerology Psychics: 

This reveals energetic vibrations through numbers. It reveals a lot of knowledge and evidence. 

■ Crystals Psychics: 

Crystals are more known for better connection. A psychic will better be able to understand your mind and soul with this medium. 

■ Oracle Cards Psychics: 

Psychic oracle cards help attain a better connection with You. This method allows them to have a better impression and understanding of the self they own. 

■ Runes Psychics: 

It’s, therefore, the primary guidance-seeking method from the universe. 

■ I-Ching Psychics: 

An incident process to have a balance in life. Smoothness and comfort are achievable with this tool. 

■ Pendulum Psychics: 

It’s related to the divination process. Divine guidance pore in with this method to help you out with the existing issues. 

Q#5) Are online psychic reading fraudulent? 

It is the most asked question because no one wants to let their hard-earned money go in vain. A few otherworldly practices typically happen to question the whole online psychic community.  

It so happens because of the deceiving nature and greed of unknown launchers out in the market. You instead have to be very decisive by connecting with any of the online psychic site providers.

It is advised to check the psychic sites’ records to keep yourself safe from day-to-day scams. 

It is always suggested to approach a psychic via a platform offering a ‘refund’ and moneyback guarantees like and

Clients are often offered free services to get known to their psychics well before booking them up. Please check that your psychic is certified as well as verified. 

Q#6) Online Psychic Reading VS One-To-One Psychic Reading

There are always differences in opinion, but here’s why you should choose one over the other. 

1. Getting yourself an online psychic just beyond a few clicks is worth mentioning. You can connect with any of the most rated psychics around the world without bearing the traveling cost. Therefore, you can search for your favorite psychic on the search engine without any hindrance. Nonetheless, for a one-to-one session, you would instead search ‘psychics near me.’ 

2. There are several online psychics, and you can connect with any of them anytime, anywhere, and any day. There’s no Sunday! 

3. There are a lot of mediums that help you connect with psychics around the globe. A video call is just equivalent to sitting next to your psychic no matter where you reside. 

4. With online psychics, you’re instead going to have genuine testimonials, and their reliability is all itself checked by online psychic reading platforms.

Q#7) How does a psychic feel while dealing with your matters? 

Psychic work involves all of the senses. Feeling the vibrational change, smelling the air, and sometimes the scent of spirit is what a psychic usually experiences. They can hear beyond the veil and even make homemade goods or thick braids of cigar smoke lingering in the air belonging to a long-deceased one. 

Tingles, shakes, headaches, involuntary emotions, words, body moments all come into the territory. It’s not just a mind game. It’s a story of a lot beyond. 

Q#8) How have psychics replaced psychotherapists? 

For years, psychologists and psychotherapists are known to help people in distress. And in another way round they too help them improve their cognitive abilities. These days it’s widely been replaced with psychic readings, and people are widely engaged in seeking online psychics to get rid of the problems they face in day-to-day life. 

“People are putting their trust and their money into these practices, which they view as pathways to enlightenment,” reported by Sanam Yar in The New York Times. It’s even fantastic to know that most women and young people tend to take these pseudoscientific practices more religiously. 

Even psychologists don’t discourage people from having psychics as their mentors to life. This further enlightens the path and suggests this as a viable alternative. 

Q#9) Why do people usually approach online psychics? 

Life is an adventure, and it is made more enjoyable when shared with the best people. Throughout one’s daily life, a large number of people will come and go. That is why it is essential to make friends with online psychics to determine who is likely to stick around for the long haul. 

The majority of us are interested in knowing what will happen in the future. Some of us want to recruit a psychic to have a better understanding of their past and future. 

Also, others experiencing challenges in life want someone to show them the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone has their reasons for hiring a psychic, but the issue is that not all psychics are trustworthy.

Q#10) What Is the Process of Getting a Psychic Reading Online?

Online psychic readings are very convenient and can be obtained in several ways, all from the convenience of your own home.

■ Readings over the phone: 

Simply call your chosen psychic and start asking all of your burning questions.

■ Readings via Online Chat: 

Use an online chat if you prefer written correspondence.

■ Video Readings: 

If you prefer the more intimate touch of video, simply order a video chat with your chosen psychic.

■ Email Readings: 

If you have many questions but don’t have a lot of time, send an email to a psychic and ask for a reading.

Final Verdict! 

Online Psychic Reading is a rapidly growing industry. More destinations offering these otherworldly administrations should emerge every day, as creativity makes an enticing bait for new clients with the assurance of accountability and security.

Have introduced you to 5 notable sites that you can trust to book your psychic from. Mysticsense stands out tall for it offers a lot many features, trusted by several clients, and even reviewed superiorly on the websites. 

Amazingly, we have other notable sites as well that are equally worthy of being kept in mind, and that’s why these are on our list. Overall, we want you to have the best possible experience with an online psychic reading site to get rid of all the nasty problems that come your way. 

Good luck!