Reasons to Have Portable Toilets

By  //  April 10, 2022

Our world is full of incredible things, every day the technological breakthroughs make it possible for us to make our lives easier. From the advanced forms of transformation to incredible means of telecommunication there is a very long list of discoveries and inventions.

One such creation by science is the portable toilets. yes, you read it right, many people do not know about portable toilets, but these are not so common among laymen.

Worry not, if you are one such person who travels a lot, or wishes to build some platforms far away in a wilderness, which can be an interesting idea, then you must think about having the portable toilets there.

These toilets are literally the ones that can be carried wherever you want. currently, there are various reliable companies such as PolyJohn Latin America Portable Toilets that are creating these portable toilets while using different types of technologies.

In this article, we intend to share with you a few effective reasons that will make you wonder why one should prefer a portable toilet over a conventional one.

One might think of a portable toilet as a messy one, with a high degree of uncleanliness. It is not like that in fact portable toilets are way cleaner and environmentally friendly.

For those who are hearing about portable toilets for the first time, these are the toilet seats locked in a cabin. You can use it as a normal toilet. It would be very rare for one to find out if the toilet is not the regular one. These are similar to the ones in airplanes, and trains.

Here the human waste would go in a landfill, unlike the conventional toilets which are more nature friendly.

Safe for the environment

If you are unable to think of a toiletry system that is safe for the environment, especially when you are creating a space at a natural resort. With portable toilets you do not have to construct anything, construction can damage the natural beauty of the area.

For example, to build the regular toilets there will be a need for pipelines.

So to add these pipes, the management will need to dig a lot of land. Thus, the easiest way would be to have a space for a toilet that does not need any infrastructure.

Additionally, as all the human waste would go in a landfill through these portable toilets; thus, it would result in fertilized land in that area.

No need for water

One of the most annoying features of creating a toilet is bringing water into that area. Thanks to the idea of portable toilets, now you do not need water. It is a very important and significant aspect of portable toilets, as they reduce the decrease in freshwater quantities.


You do not need to spend a lot of money on portable toilets. A single unit of portable toilet would cost you around 300 to 1000 dollars. However, on the contrary, a regular toilet will cost you thousands of dollars.