Teens Arrested After Breaking Into Same Hernando Store Twice (And How to Protect Your Business from Burglary)

By  //  April 6, 2022

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Recent events show two teenagers got arrested while trying to burglarize a convenience store a second time in the span of two days. The suspects are 15-year-olds and they currently face a series of charges. 

While this piece of news is shocking, the sad truth is that convenience stores and small businesses in the US are at a higher risk of burglary. The main reason these businesses are targeted is represented by lower and fewer security measures compared to big-name stores. 

In most cases, this is due to a tighter budget. After all, not every business owner can afford high-end security systems and contracts with reliable security companies. But if your business is hit, the costs can be crippling (even with insurance). 

That’s why it’s important to look for the middle ground and learn how to protect your business without having to invest a fortune in state-of-the-art security. For this, we had a chat with a few security experts and found the top three low-cost systems that can keep burglars away.

1. A Strong Magnetic Lock

The next level of locks after mechanical ones that use a key and cylinder system is represented by magnetic locks. These designs use magnetic attraction and can generate over 1000 lbs of force to keep your doors and windows sealed shut.

This way, a burglar won’t have what lock to pick since magnetic locks are tamper-proof and can’t be pried open by force. Plus, magnetic locks are easy to install and work on all sorts of commercial doors. 

Lastly, magnetic locks allow you to easily monitor entry and exit from the premises due to special keypads, motion detectors, and more. And the cost of a magnetic lock system is extremely affordable even for small businesses.

2. Install Proper Lighting

Adding extra lighting to a space that’s already consuming energy day in and day out can feel a bit jarring, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, proper lighting is necessary to keep your business safe. 

Burglars like to be able to operate in peace, which is why they target stores with low lighting and dark spots. After all, if there’s no light, they can’t be seen by a security camera or someone passing by. 

So if you want your business to be safe, it’s best to make sure all entry points are well lit. Also, make sure to leave some lights on inside the store – this way, if the police patrol the streets, they’ll know immediately if something is wrong. 

3. Keep the Shrubs and Trash Clean

Do you want to know the connection between vegetation and full garbage bins? They both communicate something to burglars!

Shrubs and other types of vegetation can offer a good hiding spot from passersby and security cameras. Plus, vegetation that looks good during the day, at night, will isolate your store from the street. 

So if you want to have a nice-looking front patch of green, make sure to keep everything neat and clean.

And speaking of cleanliness, don’t ever leave boxes in the trash in the evening. New boxes (especially if they have any branding elements) tell a possible burglar that your store just received a fresh supply of products. 

To protect your business, make sure to discard any packaging materials early in the morning or during the day.

In conclusion, good locks and lighting can help keep your business safe from any ill-intended actors. However, it also helps to get to know your police department and make sure they are aware of your business’s regular schedule. 

This way, even if you don’t hire a security company, you can still sleep at night knowing your business is well-protected.