The Battery Technology That Can Deliver the Charge Mullen Automotive Needs

By  //  April 16, 2022

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Southern California-based Mullen is a company that is working towards creating energy solutions and electric vehicles. The company has several businesses and works with other partners toward creating energy products that are clean and scalable.

Mullen is driven by the dreams of its founder, David Michery and aims to provide great electric vehicles that are built in the United States for the American consumer. 

Mullen became a publicly-traded company on November 5th, 2021, and the company aims to make EVs more accessible, which is why it established an end-to-end ecosystem that handles all areas of EV ownership.

Mullen Automotive is on a daring adventure to take over the EV cars market. While that is a risky venture with an unsure investment, the potentials for great returns are high. The stocks could even see a massive rise once Muller’s electric vehicles are out on the road.

What’s the deal With MULN Stock?

Mullen was incorporated in 2014 by its CEO, David Michery, but it wasn’t until November 5th, 2021 that its stocks started trading on the Nasdaq exchange.

The stocks reached a high point of about $13 in late 2021 but they fell terribly to reach 52 cents in early 2022. However, the MULN stock seems to be rising progressively because it has started trading at $3.

In its final documentation for Q4 2021, the company admitted to having lost about $186.8 million, which means it didn’t make profits at the end of last year. However, Mullen Automotive says it hopes to reverse the trends and build up with the release of its FIVE electric Crossover vehicle.

Some tailwinds the company points to include owning an EV manufacturing facility in Tunica, Mississippi, which gives a lot of room for expansion, great reviews of the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover, and optimistic developments in battery technology.

Record-breaking batteries

Before we talk about the batteries, the FIVE EV Crossover, which is Mullen Automotive’s most important vehicle, has admirable statistics, including an estimated range of 325 miles, and a maximum mph of 155, which is electronically limited.

The FIVE EV Crossover can also reach 60 miles per hour from zero in 3.2 seconds. But what sums it all up is that this impressive vehicle model has an affordable starting price of $55,000.

Now, let’s talk about Mullen Automotive’s solid-state polymer battery technology that is the real deal.

Results from Mullen’s test of solid-state polymer cells show that there is a potential for getting a 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack with a DC fast charge of 18 minutes that amounts to more than 300 miles of range. The battery also delivers more than 600-plus miles of range.

These impressive features show that Mullen’s battery technology might be able to compete with, or even replace the popular lithium-ion batteries.

This is a company that we look forward to seeing deliver their vehicles to consumers and increase shareholder value.