The Right Way Of Ordering The Perfume Boxes

By  //  April 12, 2022

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The lifestyle changes have been quite evident in the past few years, and it has actually groomed a lot of people. One important way of grooming is to use perfume as it keeps the person smelling good, and it’s actually an important etiquette to follow. For this reason, lifestyle and cosmetic brands have come out with top-notch smells and perfumes to meet the needs of the customers. The brands are using perfumes as personal accessories. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the current perfume industry is churning out multiple perfume options for women, men, and even the little ones. For the same reason, it’s critical for the brands to select the perfume boxes that speak volumes about the quality and longevity of the perfume to make sure they are quickly bought from the shelves. This is because the customers will see the packaging first – yes, the smell comes later. 

The current world is treating perfume packaging as a form of promotional and marketing tool, which is they are curated with captivating add-ons and are enhanced with top-notch printing techniques. Honestly, it can be challenging for brands to know where to buy cardboard boxes for perfumes, but you don’t need to fret anymore. So, with this article, we are sharing more about ordering the perfume packaging that speaks volumes about the perfume and creates sales!

Choosing The Best Size 

The majority of perfume brands choose packaging that doesn’t fit – usually, the packaging is too loose for the product. Generally, it impacts the weight and shipping charges associated with the perfumes, but it also negatively impacts the aesthetics of the packaging. For the same reason, you must not depend on the fillers to fill the void but rather opt for the packaging size that offers snug fitting. This fitted packaging will help reduce the shipping and manufacturing costs. Keep in mind that the half-inch change in the packaging dimensions will significantly impact the costs, so choose the size wisely. 

Selecting The Right Style 

For the most part, we have seen perfumes being packed in boxes, but it’s time to think outside the box (no pun intended). When it comes down to customized packaging solutions, there are various creative forms and styles that you can experiment with. For this reason, you must invest time and effort in understanding the different packaging styles available to choose one that compliments your perfume product. 

In the majority of cases, the perfume brands choose bigger boxes for small perfume bottles, and they do it for discouraging shoplifting. On the other hand, if you want to create attention-grabbing packaging, you can choose the fruit-shaped packaging according to the fragrance, particularly if you are selling fruity fragrance. 

Acknowledging The Packaging Perks 

Every customer loves a goo packaging for different products, and more than half of them share the attractive packaging on social media, including their friends and family. In addition, many customers tend to repurchase the products if they are offered premium packaging, as it helps them create cute storage for other products. So, consider these statistics while designing the perfume packaging and make sure it’s aesthetic. 

Let Go The Exaggerated Packaging Designs 

Whenever you have to design and order custom packaging for the perfume, you need to print essential information on the boxes. According to consumer research, colors are the top contributing factor when it comes down to the purchasing pattern. After colors, the next factor is the packaging’s shape, corporate identity, and logo. In fact, very limited will remember the excessive text that’s printed on the packaging. 

So, if you want to create a successful perfume packaging that sells, it’s imperative to declutter the packaging and delete the unwanted content. In simpler words, have you ever seen perfume packaging bombarded with information? Probably no, and it’s for a reason. So, be careful about the packaging design and choose minimalism rather than exaggerating the packaging!

Choose Add-Ons For Added Protection 

When you are running a perfume brand, there are infinite choices when it comes down to the finishes and add-ons. For this reason, we suggest that you explore different optical illusions or choose hot foil stamping to make sure your perfume packaging shines. In addition to this, you can opt for the finish that adds an extra protective layer on the box, such as gloss lamination or matte lamination. To illustrate, lamination will improve the sturdiness, promising better shipping, storage, transportation, and display. 

Choose Unique Logo & Artwork 

If you intend on creating a signature look for the brand, you need to transform the perfume packaging into storyboards, and you can start with quirky design elements. In addition to this, you must choose unique font styles that captivate the customer’s attention. Also, while you are selecting the logo, choose something unique rather than sticking to the run-of-the-mill logos. It is better to connect with the logo design department to create a unique and memorable logo as it’s meant to become part of the brand identity. 

Opt For Biodegradable Packaging 

It won’t be an overstatement to say that modern customers like biodegradable packaging, and they actually prefer it. This is because they want packaging that can be easily discarded. Having said that, you could implement the cradle-to-cradle approach as it helps optimize the utilization of materials and energy. The biodegradable packaging is enough to keep the packaging sturdy while keeping it eco-friendly (yes, even for protecting sensitive glass bottles). 

Choose Luxury Designs 

Nobody will say no to luxury packaging, and it’s even clearer when we are talking about perfume packaging. So, when you are trying to make more sales, it’s time to deliver a memorable perfume experience with the help of premium packaging. For instance, you could use luxury boxes and opt for magnetic closure. In addition, you could opt for golden accents as they speak luxury, and don’t forget to choose some ribbons while shipping them off. 

So, are you ready to order the best perfume packaging from WeCustomBoxes?