Tips and Tricks for Spotify Music Distribution and Promotion

By  //  April 19, 2022

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Spotify is one of the most prominent music streaming services. It has various features that allow independent artists to promote their songs on the platform. Spotify can help you reach new listeners worldwide. With the population of Spotify active users greater than that of the United States, your music will reach a broader audience.

As of February 2021, the platform reported an official figure of 345 million active users. However, the U.S recorded a population of 330 million in the 2019 census. Spotify expects an increase of over 400 million monthly users by 2021 end. The anticipated growth will bring the users to almost half a billion by 2022. Premium subscribers account for 155 million Spotify monthly users.

Do artists benefit more from Spotify premium?

Usually, paid subscriptions generate more revenue than their ad-supported version. Artists earn more when Spotify premium users stream their songs. The following are some factors that determine the platform’s actual payment rates.

 Account type

■ Whether the stream is ad-supported or not.

■ User’s territory

The difference between Spotify premium and free

Spotify offers two membership options to its users. Each of the tiers provides the users with different abilities.

Free membership: This option doesn’t require the user to pay for using the platform. However, it has the following limitations:

■ A lower streaming bitrate of 160 kbps.

■ Advertisements every few songs

■ Selection of playlist on shuffle or an album (specific tracks) on mobile devices

■ Ability to skip six tracks each hour on mobile

Premium membership: This option is the platform’s paid membership. The subscription payment for individual users starts at $9.99. However, there are other pricing options for groups and students. The premium option has the following advantages over the free membership:

■ No ads

■ A higher streaming bitrate of 320 kbps

■ Ability to select as many tracks as a user desires

■ Ability to choose specific tracks on mobile and desk

■ Users can access albums or songs artists placed behind a paywall the first two weeks after their release

Music distribution on Spotify

Hundreds of millions of individuals across the globe listen to music daily on Spotify. The massive population of users having access to your songs means word-of-mouth promotion for your music. It will also result in your shows’ tickets and possible merch sales.

Artists can efficiently distribute their music on Spotify and other digital music platforms via CD Baby. You have to pay a one-time fee to get your songs on all your preferred services. However, you will verify your Spotify for artist account to distribute your music on the profile. You will have instant access to your artist profile if you verify your account through CD Baby.

The verification allows you to update your artist bio and track your music analytics. You can also personalize your profile image, submit your new release to editors for playlist placement and directly share playlists with your followers.

Getting featured on Spotify playlists can boost your following on the platform. However, placement on indie-curated playlists can be beneficial. The latter exposes your tracks to a broader audience and drives traffic to your music.

In addition to boosting your following on Spotify, you can add the lyrics of your songs to your artist profile to promote your music. You can also share your tracks on social media to reach more audiences and drive traction to your Spotify profile.