Why eSport Gambling is Taking Over The Internet

By  //  April 27, 2022

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eSport gambling has become a new phenomenon within the world of iGaming, and while online gambling is still very much a topic of discussion in many states across the USA, it is undoubtedly one of the most accelerated forces for the online community as of now. The question is however, why?

With many eSports games like CSGO, League of Legends and so on, their platforms have been integrated with gambling opportunities, whether its gamblers placing wagers on eSport tournaments, to sister sites like CSGO Book, where you can play games like Coinflip, with the skins you have transferred as currency to your accounts, eSports is the trend on the gambling frontier for the present. Here’s why. 

eSports has become just like any other sport 

eSports is now being regarded as just as any other sport that can be watched and supported. Gamblers enjoy the thrill of determining outcomes before fate dictates it. Therefore, it would make complete sense that bookmakers are seeking to cash in on this opportunity, as just as any other sport, there is no differentiation with virtual tournaments, to physical tournaments.

Therefore, it makes complete sense how eSports has become such an instant trend, since the pandemic, when gaming and gambling was such a huge trend anyway. Everything pretty much fell into place.

Skin betting 

We all know that skins can be earned through continuous gameplay within special events, or in-game purchases, however with the rarity of items, comes the value. eSports gambling sites have become the perfect setting and outsource for gamers to source rare skins and try to get their hands on rarer, more valuable ones.

Once winning these skins, you can of course use them when gaming on platforms like CSGO, however many players choose to sell them for even more money and return. Making eSports gambling even more attractive, as you do not even have to gamble on tournaments-simple casino games can be gambled on for the chance of obtaining unique skins.

Convenience and ease

With the advancement of technology being the most apparent reason for today’s eSport gambling take over, the mobile technology that has been made available to us today, in addition to in-play gambling, has made it practically possible to gamble in any situation. Never has there been a time where gambling is as convenient as it is now, add eSports into the equation, and gambling on tournaments is yet another achievable niche. 

CSGO gambling sites amongst other external eSports sister sites have for the very reason of gambling convenience, developed multiple casino sites that cater to the niche of gambling. Whether it’s gambling on tournaments that take place, or other related casino games, sportsbooks are cashing in with the extra niche and branch for gambling that eSports has provided to them. 

Blockchain technology 

With Blockchain being integrated within the world of iGaming so swiftly, the incentives for gambling and the added levels of security, have made eSports gambling all the more accessible and appealing. Now gambling sites that cater to eSports gambling, have created unique tokens and NFTs for the gamblers that are a part of the community, so if you already have a crypto wallet, it makes even more sense to be included into the entire experience.

Blockchain within the gambling world is pretty much just at the beginning of its influence, that is for sure, but word out on the street is, gambling with Blockchain is set to become even more interesting. More and more eSports gambling sites are adopting their own coin ledgers, in addition to NFT skins, making their communities more exclusive than ever before.