Why is PRP Treatment Needed Only Once or Twice?

By  //  April 27, 2022

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The topic of why my PRP hair toronto has been coming up now more than ever amongst different age groups and gender of people. As a starting point, it’s crucial to highlight there is no clinical research that compares the effects of different treatments (such studies do not exist). Instead, my experience treating patients with PRP over the last nine years has led me to this conclusion. The majority of clinicians that use PRP for hair loss did so very recently.

Microneedling, PeRP, and ACell are all part of this procedure. The treatment will not be a success unless all three components are present. Every patient is also put through a thorough evaluation in order to evaluate whether or not they are candidates for treatment. Patients who have significantly reduced hair density are more suited for this procedure.

The operation is done once and an examination is done 3-4 months later, however, if we believe the response has been weak, we may try a second “booster” PRP treatment.

We don’t suggest continuing if it doesn’t function at that time. Every patient’s response is not the same. Some people, including those using minoxidil and finasteride, may not react. Every 9-15 months, patients who have had a positive response to PRP are often re-injected.

So why don’t I conduct PRP 3-4 times, and why is it often just repeated once a year while other doctors prefer a lot more regular scheduling? About three months after starting any therapy, we start to see a difference in hair volume. For more than two years, these patients had been using minoxidil or finasteride. Or they were not taking any other treatment for hair loss, either due to treatment failure or a contraindication to the treatment they were receiving. 

Some patients with alopecia areata, which have not responded to first or second-line therapies, may choose to attempt PRP treatments. These individuals have three to four PRP treatments a month. the autoimmune disease requires more rigorous therapy, which is why this is the case.

Thus, this was all about prp hair transplant and its frequency that is most suitable for you.