12 Party Games To Play With Stuffed Toys

By  //  May 19, 2022

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If you are planning a party for kids, you can make it more fun by organizing games using stuffed toys. Gather stuffed toys like panda stuffed animal, soft bears, and plush toys and choose a game to play with the toys. Kids will absolutely love playing with cute stuffed animals. The blog suggests the twelve best games that you can play with soft toys. 

Guess the Animal Name

Put all of your stuffed animals into a large bag. Blindfold one player at a time and ask them to reach for the bag. After that, the child has to pull out a random animal. The child will then get one minute to feel the plush toy. After feeling the toy, the child has to guess the name of the stuffed animal and what food they eat to survive. 

Finding the Spotted Stuffed Animal

You can use any stuffed teddy in this game. Suppose you are using a cat stuffed toy, then you can call your game ‘Find the Black Cat.’ Select one stuffed animal that is different from the others, and hide it somewhere in the party area. Hide several other stuffed animals as well. Next, you can challenge kids to locate the animal before the time runs out. A timer can also be set for this game. Children can collect other plush toys along the way, but the game won’t be won until they find that specific plush toy. 

Stuffed Toy Airborne

Make every child stand in a circle. You have to toss one of the stuffed animals into the air from the middle of the circle. In the game, players have to toss the toy to one another, and they have to try to keep the stuffed teddy in the air. As soon as the animal hits the ground, the player who dropped it or the player it lands closest to is out.

Stuffed Animal Toy Walk

It is a toy giveaway game in which you can gift toys to the players of the game. First, you have to number the stuffed toys and draw squares on the floor. Give a number to every square. Now, players have to walk through the squares. They have to stop walking when the ongoing music stops. After the music stops, the player who will be standing in a numbered box will get the toy. 

Finding Your Own Stuffed Toy

To play this game, kids need to bring their stuffed animals or teddy bears to the party. Gather up all the animals and place them together. Then, blindfold players and let them choose an animal from the pile. 

Stuffed Animal Fashion Show

Create a collection of doll clothes and accessories. In this game, the children have to dress up as their stuffed toys. To do this, you have to give a few minutes to the children.

After they dress up the animals, they have to do a ramp walk showing their stuffed animals. You can reward the children by giving them gifts or by giving them some titles like cutest, funniest, prettiest, silliest, etc. Moreover, provide enough categories, so everyone has a chance to win something.

Stuffed Toy Freeze Dance 

It’s similar to Freeze Dance, a classic party game. It’s a dance party with stuffed animals. You have to play some music, and the children have to keep dancing to the music.

As they dance, you have to toss stuffed toys in the crowd. Children will continue to dance and will continue tossing the toys at one another. At the end, when the music stops, the children have to freeze. Those children who will have the toys in hand will play further, and those who will not have the toys will be out of the game. In the end, the child who stays till the end wins the game. 

Adopt An Animal

If you are thinking of a return gift, then you can choose stuffed teddies. Without any fun. You can associate fun with the gift returning. However, if you are not thinking of giving party favors, you can still play this activity. Put all the animals in one basket with a sign that says “Adopt Me.” Create adoption certificates that the kids can fill out with their names, the animal’s name, and a statement in which they promise to take good care of the rescued animal. When the adoption is complete, add a “seal of approval” with a stamp or sticker.

Stuffed Toy Relay Race 

Create two teams of players. Line up the children behind a starting line. Start by placing two plush animal piles about 20 feet away from the starting point. Then, shout “Go!” and the game will begin. The child standing first in the row has to run to the pile basket and will have to grab a stuffed toy.

After taking a toy, they have to place it between their knees. They have to run back in the same position, and the team player who will reach their team first will win that round. After they return, the next player must do the same. The game continues in a relay until all animals have been collected. Whichever team collects all the animals first wins.

Stuffed Animal Rescue Game 

Divide the kids into two teams and divide the stuffed animals so that each team has an equal number. Then, you need to place all the stuffed animals in predicaments (kitty in a tree, bear stuck in a fence, pig stuck between couch cushions, etc.) from where the children have to find those animal teddy’s. Then, each team has to rescue the animals, and the team who will rescue the maximum number of animals will win the game. 

Animal act 

You have to put all the stuffed animals in a basket. Place the basket in a room where there is no gathering of children. Now, start playing the game. Gather all the children at a place, but far from the place where you have kept the teddy basket. Send a player near the basket, and the child has to go there and see the animal and have to act in front of their team. The team that guesses the most animal names will win the game. 

Musical Chair With Stuffed Animal 

Play musical chairs in your party space. Let the kids hold their stuffed animals as they play. Whenever the music stops, they must place their animals in the chairs instead of sitting on them. A player whose animal remains unseated while playing is eliminated from the game.

Final Words 

Stuffed animals aren’t just for collecting and sleeping with! The above-mentioned games can be played with stuffed animals and other soft toys that you may have lying around. Furthermore, you can share any other fun game ideas you may have in the comments section.