5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Home Before You Sell

By  //  May 27, 2022

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Preparing your home for that all-important listing and viewing can be a daunting task after spending so much time at the property. Chances are that you’ve put in a lot of effort over the years to decorate it as you like best, and it can be difficult to make changes to the appearance of a loved home. 

But one of the most important parts of making the transition from proud homeowner to the seller is in removing your emotions from the situation. Then, you can begin to make some simple but highly effective changes to your home that’ll give it a fresh new image and potentially boost the price at the same time. 

While companies like Compass Real Estate are available to assist and provide expertise in revitalizing and then selling your home, here are 5 ways to spruce up your home before it appears on the market. 

Getting rid of clutter

Your cluttered shelves and fixtures aren’t selling the room that’s available to a potential buyer. Instead, it’s giving off the impression that there’s very little space to work with should they decide to buy the property.

Throw out or store away anything that isn’t essential to your home over the next few months. Invite the buyers to see that potential and watch them begin to picture themselves living there. 

Making use of your space

Now it’s time to scale down on other non-essentials in the house. Embrace a minimalist approach to your living room and other areas. Why? Because we are not showcasing how to best decorate a home. Instead, you are inviting buyers to bring their own perspectives and wants to the space available. 

Pay attention to the front of your home 

The buyer’s journey should start the very second they see the front of your house. And while you may feel that there’s nothing wrong with how it currently looks, allow yourself some time to be as critical as possible about it.

Are there lifeless plants and poorly maintained grass? Has the porch color faded? Is the front door as fresh and appealing as possible? 

Be creative with color and style 

Yes, window ledges, old blinds, and walls will need a fresh coat or two of paint. However, the way in which you present these rooms when people first walk into them is a huge deciding factor when it comes to a sale. 

While it’s important to be creative, picking neutral colors will continue to give your home a spacious feel while offering unlimited possibilities to potential buyers. 

Carpet cleaning vs wood flooring 

A worn-out carpet is about as unimpressive as it gets. If you’re going to keep it there for the foreseeable future, it’s worth getting it professionally cleaned for that extra feel of freshness. 

In many modern homes, some prime wood flooring can be found beneath those carpets. If this is the case, don’t underestimate how attractive a well-polished wooden floor is to viewers, and consider completely removing that old and dated carpet.