5 Ways to Use an Expandable Hose

By  //  May 17, 2022

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Every person with a yard has used a garden hose at some point in their life. Anything you can think of to use a traditional garden hose for you could use an expandable hose for and have a much easier and more efficient experience. Here are some examples of how a lighter and more compact expandable hose could improve your summer:


Always getting tangled in your traditional garden hose and knocking over the precious plants you’re trying to water? Why not try out an expandable hose as a solution. Although the hose appears small once you start running the water through it expands: allowing you to reach the entire garden with ease and no kinks or tangles.

This efficient design makes it much lighter than a traditional hose and therefore easier to maneuver around large plants or trees. Reach high places or hanging plants without straining your arms. Plus, the expandable hose has better flexibility than a traditional garden hose. This easy change can help you move around your yard with ease and transform it into a plant oasis worthy of a pinterest board. 


Are you and your family always off on a weekend adventure? If you love to use your RV and get out of town for a few days an expandable hose makes life on the road so much easier. With its compact design it won’t take up too much room in your car or RV so you can bring all the stuff you want for weekend fun.

Use it to fill up an inflatable kiddie pool so you can splash around at the campground. Or give your vehicles a nice wash to get all the dust off before heading back home. Since it’s so easy to pack you’ll hardly notice the expandable hose is even there; but, when your kid comes back to camp covered in mud you’ll be glad you have it for a quick rinse. 

Washing the Car

Speaking of having an expandable hose on hand to get mud and dust washed away: why not use a lightweight expandable hose to give your car a wash? This design makes it so effortless to get all the high and hard to reach places on your car. Plus you’ll save money you’d normally spend at the car wash. Make it a fun Saturday activity with the family or be the celebrated hero of local carwash fundraiser 

Create memories of splashing around and sudsing up the car without all the hassle of the hose. Unlike a traditional hose an expandable hose stores small enough to not need a caddy or storage unit of any kind. Just pop it on a shelf in the garage and easily carry it out to wherever you need to give something a rinse. 

Summer Fun

Hot summer days and no pool at your house? No worries. Hook your lightweight expandable hose up to a sprinkler and watch your yard become a water oasis for your family. There is nothing like jumping and splashing around in a sprinkler on a hot day. The bonus is your lawn gets watered at the same time.

Plus, the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is completely lead free so you know your kids will be safe while they play. Try out using the hose to wet down a tarp with a little dish soap. Now you have an easy slip and slide! When it’s this easy to store and use your hose it’s so much easier to create summer memories. 

Boat Day 

Just like with your RV, having a hose that stores up small enough to fit in a drawer makes it perfect to store on your boat. It won’t take up too much room and will give you the ability to keep your decks swabbed all summer long. Whether you go out on the ocean, the lake, river, or pond, having a hose handy is always a good idea.

 Love to fish, but hate cleaning up the mess? Keeping an expandable hose on deck would allow you to rinse away the mess before heading back to shore. Have a smaller boat? Keep an expandable hose on hand at the boathouse and make closing up at the end of summer a breeze. Get all the accumulated dirt and grime off of everything so it’s sparkling clean and ready for the next season. 

Whatever your plans are this coming summer updating your bulky, traditional hose to a sleek, lightweight, and easy to store expandable hose can take the hassle out of cleaning up. Create memories this summer and let the cleanup be so quick and easy you barely remember it.