7 Signs of High Quality Dog Food

By  //  May 21, 2022

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Your dog is a trusted companion, a source of support, and an irreplaceable part of your life. Now as owners start taking their pets’ health more seriously, it’s a perfect time to reconsider the food that fuels them.

It might not come as a surprise that most store-bought dog food isn’t the optimal choice for long-term health and performance. However, pet parents may not know exactly what high quality dog food looks like. We’re stepping in with seven signs that your dog food goes above and beyond the status quo for a happy, healthy life ahead.

1. The Right Nutrient Ratio

According to AAFCO (the FDA for doggies), the ideal dog food makes protein the priority, at 35% of the overall nutrient content. From there, it’s a varying mix of fat, carbs, fiber, and moisture, depending on the needs and specifications of your dog.

Nutrient balance is the bare minimum requirement for quality dog food, since this impacts how your dog recovers from activity, maintains high energy throughout the day, and stays safe and healthy into advanced age.

The actual volume of the food you serve will vary based on the nutrient density of the food itself. Denser food tends to be of higher quality and is better for doggie digestive systems.

2. Ingredients You Recognize

There may be glossy images of beef, chicken, and veggies on the label, but flip over to the ingredients list and you’ll quickly see that most dog food products leave much to be desired in terms of authenticity.

Many pet parents are shocked to discover that the “premium” dog food they’ve been buying for years contains mostly corn, soy, and low-quality proteins with artificial flavors to approximate the real thing. Even worse, half the ingredients can’t be recognized or even pronounced.

Top-tier dog food contains nothing but ingredients you already know and love, and would feel comfortable serving to your family at the dinner table.

3. Nutrient-Rich Fruits and Veggies

Protein may be the main event in quality dog food, but intelligent owners know better than to forget those fruits and veggies that make for a complete meal.

We’re not talking about processed corn or wheat laced with fake fruit flavoring and weird colors meant to fool you. Truly quality food for dogs is made with genuine produce favorites like leafy greens, fresh citrus fruits, berries, spices, and more.

This ensures your dog gets a good mix of antioxidants and micronutrients that is lacking in the typical nutritional panel.

4. Custom Formulation for Your Dog

You don’t necessarily need to customize your dog food to fit the size, breed, and age of your dog. Most premium brands offer products that fit those specifications on a broader level and will check all the boxes.

However, discerning pet owners will want to take things to the next level with a custom formulation, especially for dogs with unique dietary needs or health conditions. You may find that your dog is happier, healthier, and has fewer digestive issues by switching formulas.

The best brands offer quick and easy online quizzes that you can take, ensuring you meet all your dog’s requirements from the start.

5. Irresistible Flavor and Texture

When it comes to treats, dogs can’t get enough. But that kibble in the bowl isn’t always so appealing, especially when dogs reach a certain age. Can you blame them after eating the same dried out bits year after year?

It’s easy to see why more owners are leveling up their dog food – not just in terms of ingredient quality – but in taste as well. Research shows that dogs get the most satisfaction from air-dried “jerky” inspired food, which reminds them of treats used in training.

When your dog enjoys what they eat, they’ll never need any more encouragement at mealtime. 

6. No Unwanted Extras

The amount of preservatives, fillers, and artificial ingredients in most dog food is cause for concern, yet most owners don’t seem to pay any mind to this fact.

But as a caring dog parent who wants the best for your pup, you are conscious of what’s really going into that food, synthetic or otherwise. As a general rule, less is more with dog food, and you want to limit fake stuff and fillers when possible. 

7. Easy for Owners (Stress-Free)

There’s a logistical component to buying dog food that can be chronic source of stress for pet parents. The most trusted brands address this issue with a subscription model that ensures you always have fresh, quality dog food in the cabinet. 

This will save you time, money, and headache in the long term, which is simply the icing on the cake.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

High quality food makes a clear difference in a dog’s energy levels, demeanor, and longevity. Use this guide to find the best food for your pup and make the switch today