A Jewelry Company That Will Never Go Woke

By  //  May 8, 2022

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Netflix stock dropped over 36% in a single day after a poor earnings report and mass loss of subscribers. This signals a major red flag for what was once considered a growth company and is a stern warning to other streaming services, like Apple and Amazon, who are considering going woke and promoting a radical Democrat political ideology in order to appease the radical Leftist mob.

But Netflix is not only the only corporation feeling the sting of retail feedback from every day investors who don’t want a political ideology crammed down their throat that is contrary to their core, traditional value as Americans.

You may have heard the phrase, “go woke, go broke.” In addition to Netflix, the most recent example of this is Disney’s embittered battle with Florida governor, Ron DeSantis.

Disney has been repeatedly accused of “grooming children” as young as Kindergarten and elementary school kids with explicit and perverse, divergent sexual materials being taught by public school teachers and officials. But for most Americans, this is simply not representative of their culture or their beliefs, which are rooted in traditional, American family values. 

Amidst the radical far left appeasement policies of major corporations, there is one jewelry company that has vowed to never veer from Christian, conservative values.

While they serve everyone without question or discrimination and have made a point of treating all of their retail customers equally, Apples of Gold Jewelry, a Christian-owned, family-run small business is generating quite a lot of sales online with increase annual growth, including on items like Christian rings, crosses, bracelets, and anything in the fine jewelry realm. The CEO of the company also happens to be the pastor of a small Baptist church and brings his Biblical and family values to the way that he runs his company.  

“First and foremost,” said Yaghtin, “We focus on the product itself. Our aim is to provide a high quality piece of jewelry at an affordable price which is often about 30-40% below standard traditional retail. We are not here to get involved in politics through our business, but to provide a quality item, service at a discounted and affordable price.”

Apples of Gold is able to do just this because they cut out the middleman in most cases and work directly with jewelry manufacturers in order to obtain the best possible price for their customers for gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds and gemstones. Yaghtin continues, “While we will never discriminate or deny a customer based on their political and personal beliefs (we simply have a don’t ask policy), we always strive to uphold Biblical, Christian, family and conservative values in the way that we operate our business. Bible verses are strewn all over our website in educational materials on jewelry and weddings, in fine jewelry descriptions, and in fact, even our company name, ‘Apples of Gold’, is derived directly from the Bible, from Proverbs 25:11, which states: ‘A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’”

Despite not involving politics in his business and focusing on the product and service itself, the CEO of Apples of Gold is also no stranger to political trouble, as he himself was arrested in the Summer of 2018 during a Draq Queen Story Hour protest.

All charges were subsequently dropped, as Yaghtin was merely standing on his 1st Amendment right of free speech and his local municipal court ruled that he did nothing wrong and was well within his Constitutional Right of free speech. Free speech itself has become a big debate in America, prompted by Elon Musk’s potential acquisition of Twitter.

In addition to promoting Christian, conservative values through their brand, Apples of Gold Jewelry also takes an ethical approach not only to the way they interact with customers and employees (vowing to never enforce Covid mandates but rather leave all medical decisions to the individual in their stance for bodily autonomy), but also in how they evaluate the value and price their gold jewelry items.

Whereas most jewelers mark up their jewelry between 200-300% on average, this rapidly growing online jewelry company started with the premise that retail gold is far too high in its markup and decided as a core value to take a value-based approach to pricing. They also seek out ethical products like conflict-free diamond options and strive to be completely transparent in their product listings and business dealings. 

As we have repeatedly seen from companies like Netflix, Disney and even earlier controversies like Gillette, bending to the will of Leftist political ideology has not been profitable or beneficial for such companies’ profits and bottom line and has, over time, only served to alienate the more moderate, reasonable and conservative American customer base that many of these companies have enjoyed for many decades.

Apples of Gold Jewelry, despite the current anti-American political climate coming from the Left, continues to stand for the family, for traditional, Christian values, for the sanctity of life (especially as Roe v. Wade is close to being overturned), for true equity and equality based on reason and moderation, and will never turn away or discriminate against any of its customers no matter their political spectrum, but will also not obfuscate its own intrinsic values as a conservative and Christian-owned, family-run company.

This is the type of company you are investing in when you purchase their gold jewelry, one that will always put its customers and its products as the focal point of their capitalist ventures, rather than promoting divisive political ideology.