A Pacsun Cloth Retailer Plans to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

By  //  May 10, 2022

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Many new businesses are adding a new payment option to accept a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) payment. Indeed, they are getting the j curve in their business model by targeting the right Bitcoin users. Over millions of Bitcoin users on https://bitiq.org/ love to do shopping with Bitcoin or other decentralized cryptocurrencies, whether it is an online store or offline store.

Some people have a massive unit or many Bitcoins in their account, but they get confused about how to use these coins. Accepting these coins in business will allow them to spend and help the business people generate more and more sales. 

About the Pacsun

Pacsun is the leading fashion and clothing store in the US (Los Angeles), and they are serving people around the world because they have an offline presence and are also running eCommerce stores to target people worldwide. They deal in different brands, and through their perfect digital marketing campaigns, they are generating massive revenue from social media and their website.

You can also Google Pacsun.com to check their products, and there would also be an option for Bitcoin. So Pacsun is also accepting Bitpay, which makes it unique in the clothing and fashion stores because no other retailing stores in the US get it. Still, after adopting the bitcoin payment method, it convinced many different stores to start accepting cryptocurrency as payment. 

What is bitpay?

Bitpay is also a leading payment system like PayPal, but it manages the cryptocurrency for spending bitcoins, receiving bitcoins, and holding bitcoin. It not only handles the bitcoin crypto coins but many other coins you can send, receive or keep. It is a decentralized crypto wallet like other wallets that facilitates high security and multiple cryptocurrencies in one bitcoin with low transaction fees.

First retailer in fashion to accept bitcoin

Pacsun is the leading clothing and fashion retailer, recently announced in the newspaper to accept bitcoin for online and offline shopping; the headline became viral.

Many Bitcoin users started shopping from the store using bitcoin crypto coins. The president of Pacsun also claimed that our store would accept bitcoin and accept other crypto coins through the bitpay wallet, such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other popular coins. 

He also claimed that online sales made their revenue 2X, and now they will make a unique one by accepting crypto in their online and offline store.

Why are they adding the crypto payment methods?

There is the reason that Pacsun is adding a new crypto payment method because it will help to grow their business with less marketing budget than given below:-

■ Popularity in the area:- When a new thing comes into the room that is totally out of the box, and no other one is doing, people will do free marketing for that thing, which is what the Pacsun is doing. When they published their new payment method in local newspapers, bitcoin users interested in fashion and clothing started attracted to that store, making it the unique store in Los Angeles. 

■ Worldwide acceptance:- More than a million people use bitcoin for different people. Most users are looking for eCommerce stores that accept bitcoin, which means it is the best part for making your business globally viral. They published their unique payment acceptance option in the local newspaper, but many articles get published about the Pacsun store on Google. So people around the world will also start shopping, which means your business can get scalability by just adding a crypto payment method at the checkout page. 

■ Attraction to crypto users:- Many people want to use their cryptocurrencies for online shopping. Therefore, the Pacsun will attract the bitcoin users and attract the other crypto users such as Ethereum, dogecoin, Shiba Inu, litecoin, bitcoin cash, etc.

■ Easy to target the people:- If you are doing online marketing, you can target the people interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and make them a force to make sales with your store using the crypto coins. You can also attract them by showing your existing crypto customer, and most people get influenced to buy when you run a bitcoin offer for them.