As the Space Theme Swells from Slots to Movies, Claims Enabling Solar System Departure Emerge

By  //  May 27, 2022

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(NASA image)

Without a doubt, space exploration and the whole concept of leaving the planet is becoming an ever-increasing topic of public discussion. Of course, humans have been fascinated with space and the stars since ancient civilizations, but the technological breakthroughs of the last seven decades have certainly propelled modern interest.

The application of new technologies isn’t exclusive to the sciences, either, with public intrigue helping to be amped up by entertainment media. Now, we’re in the midst of cinematic marvels giving us what look like incredibly realistic depictions of life in space, as well as more entertainment-driven options like far-gazing novels and space-themed slots.

With all of this as the backdrop, the company Pulsar Fusion has been reported as claiming that they can build a new rocket engine that will allow humans to leave the solar system.

An ongoing fascination with space

Interest in space remains incredibly high, which is why so many entertainment producers continue to lean into the theme. In the fast-moving zone of the casino at Paddy Power, space is a big draw, with the likes of Golden Planet, Solar Snap, and Stars Awakening emerging recently alongside perpetual favorite Starburst. This reflects the public’s ongoing fascination with space as slot developers are constantly chasing trends to maximize the appeal of each regular release.

Of course, the highly competitive space of online casino slots isn’t the only place that is appeasing the public hunger for the intergalactic. We’ve seen droves of space movies from Hollywood in recent years, with some of them being strong enough to rank among the very best, as is the case with The Martian and Moon. On the more sci-fi front, there’s plenty on the way, too, including Distant starring Anthony Ramos and 65 with Adam Driver.

The public interest in space has been around long before movies went mainstream, though, with novelists of old being the pioneers of the theme and genre. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and Dune by Frank Herbert still make it onto the top list by Penguin Random House despite being put out to the public in the 1970s and 1960s, respectively.

New claims may fuel interest further, if proven true

On May 24, an online tabloid newspaper, The Express, picked up on an interview with Richard Dinan – who appeared on the British reality TV show Made in Chelsea – in which he discussed the prospects of the company he founded, Pulsar Fusion. In the interview cited from a YouTube channel with 28 subscribers at the time of writing, Dinan says that the company can “build a fusion rocket engine” and turn it on by 2027.

The Pulsar Fusion founder muses that with the technology they’re working towards, the trip to Mars could be cut in half, and we could escape the solar system in an 11-year trip.

Needless to say, very few other outlets picked up on the story under the snippet “A STUNNING fusion rocket breakthrough will allow humans to leave the Solar System,” but what’s important here is that many players are at least trying to develop space tech, be it Pulsar Fusion or those that they’re attempting to replicate, like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

There isn’t an end in sight to the issues plaguing the environment on this planet, so many people are turning to a popular form of escapism with space. With astronauts having gone beyond the Kármán line, it seems like a more realistic musing of the future than those posed in other lines of entertainment media.