Car Crash Avoidance Technology and Car Accident Injury Claims

By  //  May 10, 2022

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Over the past few decades, the car industry has made great leaps and bounds in car crash safety and crash avoidance technology. With this advent in crash avoidance techniques, one would assume that there would be a decrease in the number of car crashes and fatalities in road traffic accidents.

However, this is not the case. With more drivers and vehicles on the roads, there has been a consistent rise in road traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities. 

What Are Crash Avoidance Technologies in Vehicles?

As new car models come further along, better and more intricate technology is being introduced in newer models to reduce the number of car collisions and overall increase safety on roads. These include things like better quality airbags and better braking systems. 

There are also automatic braking systems in certain cars that cause the vehicle to stop when an object is spotted in the vehicle’s path. Some systems assist drivers in driving and detect any vehicles in blind spots or on the sides of the car.

Cars with lane departure and forward collision warning systems have shown excellent results in keeping young drivers safe. Despite all of the new technologies that have helped keep drivers safer, there are still auto accidents frequently.

Immediate Steps to Take If You or a Loved One Is Involved in a Car Crash:

Inform the authorities 

You must contact the relevant authorities as soon as the crash occurs. They will not only record any evidence on the site of the crash but will also provide you with help.

If you do not have your phone with you, you can ask a passenger or a witness to call the authorities, at 911.

Take pictures and videos of the scene.

If you are not injured and feel as though you do not require immediate medical attention, you should record the site of the crash by taking pictures, as these pictures and videos will be used as evidence should you need them down the road.

Talk to the witnesses.

Police and officials are likely to talk to witnesses after a crash. However, sometimes the witnesses might leave after noticing that both parties involved are uninjured. In such a case, you must talk to the witnesses before the authorities arrive and record their contact details in case if needed at a later time. 

Visit a medical professional

If you have any apparent injuries or feel like you need immediate medical attention, it is essential that you instantly go to a medical professional as soon as you have informed the authorities. 

Even if you don’t notice any apparent injuries, you should visit a medical professional. According to Attorney Rich Grungo from Grungo Colarulo, “Soft tissue injuries are one of the most commonly presented injuries in car accidents, but they often don’t appear instantly. Visit a doctor even if you notice nothing, as they will provide you with a professional evaluation and any relevant medical records.”

You should keep any hospital visits and injury-related documents safe as they are used when filing claims.

Contact your insurance company.

You must inform your insurance company regarding any car crashes, as they might provide you coverage for the costs incurred after the crash.

Compensation in Car Crash Cases

The compensation received in automobile accident cases is based on various damages. The circumstances around the crash play a vital role in the final settlement. 

Benefits can be for economic or non-economic losses. Any costs and monetary transactions related to the crash are part of economic losses. This includes the treatment of your injuries, such as hospital bills, medications, and physiotherapy. Costs incurred to repair the vehicle are also covered in economic benefits.

You also have the right to make claims for lost wages, which is usually 80% of your gross earnings for the amount that the doctor has prescribed you to stay out of work. You can claim compensation for non-economic losses such as pain and mental anguish. All in all, it’s important to take all the right steps following a car crash to ensure your safety and that you are properly compensated.