Common Web Design Mistakes That People Make

By  //  May 27, 2022

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A website is a landmark for any business, and no business wants to make mistakes with it. But many times, even a little web design mistakes may turn costly for businesses. A web design agency in Dubai will each website project with great caution, and enable the companies to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) with higher rankings. 

Having an amazing website for visitors but no visitors on it is a distressing sight. But, if you own a website in UAE, it is essential to know and avoid the mistakes for an effective digital presence.

A critical consideration is selecting mobile app design services.

1. Website Navigation for User Experience

In 2022, a website scores well if it fulfills the criterion of ideal UX design and navigation. Proper website navigation ensures the proper flow of information and gives a seamless user experience.

The lack of it makes everything on the website crammed up and chaotic. Web designers and developers in Dubai, right now work on evoking the right impression at a right-click. This step is essential to generate an effective web experience and may end up in the conversion of a lead. 

Ideal web navigation also works in the favor of organic Search Engine Optimization SEO. Web crawlers by Google can make good sense of a website and award higher and more stable rankings. Internal page linking may help web developers connect the pages of a website and give a user a better experience. 

2. Reduce Page Load Speed with Single Page Websites 

You have only 3 seconds to load your website and connect with the prospects. Yes! As per the Core Web Vitals update, the website must load in less than 3 seconds or be ready to lose the interest of a visitor. As per studies, human attention spans are reducing, year by year. With millions of results over one search and lots of distractions/commitments, it is a normal practice to go to the next website, if the first one doesn’t work. 

Properly channeled single-page websites may help companies resolve page loading problems. These websites are light to load and provide a seamless user experience for maximum outreach and connection. 

3. Media Sizes

A website is light if it has easy design elements, animation, and images. While testing the website, we may come across a heavy website that may take time to load and affect the user experience on the whole. When we keep the 3-second loading rule in mind, we must ensure the website elements are light in size to ensure stead-fast loading and a seamless user experience. 

4. Multiple-Device Friendly Mobile Compatibility

Current trends in website design and development have made it a norm to deliver websites that are compatible with multiple devices. So, be it an iPad, a Tablet, or a Smartphone, a website should give a uniform and stable user experience across all the platforms and achieve success over digital business presence. 

5. Missing Tags may miss out your business’ potential

Titles introduce a story about the website to the web crawlers and visitors. Well-organized titling with essential meta tags enables a website in Dubai to earn its due worth in terms of streamlined navigation and SEO visibility. 

6. Be easy on Pop-Ups

The simple pop-ups may come across as a reminder to a visitor to share his data but may come across as an annoying feature disrupting a website’s interface.  A better way to improve your website’s search engine rankings is to remove pop-ups from it and enable an interruption-free browsing experience. 

7. Avoid Image Text

Image text is a part of a graphic that reduces the text value. If the same text is used as readable text, it will help Google crawlers scan the image and add value to Search Engine Rankings and will show up in image search as well. 

8. Excessive Scrolling – A big no-no 

We know that single-page websites are in trend and many companies are going for it. That doesn’t mean brands exploit the concept, cram up the information and give excessive scrolling time for a visitor. 

A better option is to invest in a well-designed website User Interface that enables web designers to give a seamless user experience. 

9. Use Content Wisely

Good, streamlined, and precise content always brings a sense of gratification to the audience’s heart. With limited human attention spans, i.e., 3 seconds, short and sweet content that connects is the need of the hour for brands and companies. It must be rich in keywords, but short, concise, and creative as well. To strike a balance between all such parameters, one may need help from an experienced digital content writing service from an agency. They hire experienced content writers who know how to create clutter-free content and use it wisely to connect with the audience.  

Understanding the most common website design mistakes may enable businesses and companies to choose a competent web design company in Abu Dhabi to create a website in tune with the latest SEO and UX trends.